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Discussion in 'Options' started by TM1982, Aug 30, 2010.

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    not sure if any of you are familiar with this site but it's basically a place for option traders to see some trade ideas and option activity. Looks like another place has opened looking to do something similar at www.optionwarrior.com.
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    If you don't mind the blatant ad for our blog. Daily pro trading from the NYSE ARCA (SF) Options Floor. Also picked up on Bloomberg.

    I also write for TheStreet.com (OptionsProfit), posted to Yahoo Finance, Fidelity.
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    If you don't mind ... I'm curious: What percentage of your income comes from writing, and what percentage from trading (if positive)? Do you write for free? Why not? ... :)
  4. TM, I think we'd all appreciate it if you would stop advertising your shitty little Disney site with your 7 option-related posts.

    Mods, it looks like a spammer has accessed a legit account on ET to post this shit. Why not lock the account until you can speak to the member.
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    Blog is for free.
    TheStreet.com for pay.

    Yes I do mind you asking about my income :) That's pretty personal. Suffice it to say, writing is not the majority.
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    I was looking for a (candid) explanation of why would anybody sell his valuable knowledge for peanuts, when he could convert it to nuggets in the market. Hence ... :)
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    Would you believe I'd give all the money back if I could be just be a writer?