Option markets continue to shut down

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  1. For several straight months, options markets decline as companies and dealers were forced to shut down optional markets. Many underlying instruments no longer have options derivatives. Analysts believe that as the underlying market improves, it is more and more obvious to many investors that the options markets are fundamentally fraud and unnecessary. Another reason is that more and more sophisticated traders and investors move to the futures markets. Options exchange and dealers now have to desperately shrink the strike range, from normal 2.5 points to 1 points, in order to add more markets on the same underlying. The move tries to stay competitive and increases the rate of their windfall hits. It is interesting to see how the trends develop, maybe merely the beginning.
  2. A 2.5 strike range only applies to a sub 25 bux underlying, dude...
  3. That ain't true at all.
  4. Option volume records are being broken month after month... What stats are u using?
  5. What are you talking about ...
  6. That is, the option business is going downhill. Because it is has fundamental deficiencies and frauds in it. You got that straight?

  7. Option volume have straight consecutive 11 years breakout records, is that decline?
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    Maybe this guy should change his name to "NOMORETHREADS" or "NOMOREPOSTS" since he has no idea what he's talking about, and rarely makes ANY sense.

    "I bought these calls, the market went up 3 weeks later, and I still lost money, this options game is rigged by the insiders."

    Not a direct quote from our uneducated thread starter (I've yet to see him actually post any real situtations, instead he just blasts options), but although I do find it somewhat amusing at times, it's starting to get old.


    NOMORE--Here's some free advice, buy a book about option trading, and read it before you make your next trade. If you are able to acquire even an elementary understanding of the derivatives markets you will not post such idiotic things in the future.
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    Were you on the short bus with the other window lickers while attending school?
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    Another key is few try to trade using ''fundamental fraud'' & your statements may or may not be true;

    & might want to read Jack Schwager top trader/investor books.

    AMEX may have decreasing option volume, dont know;
    DIA, SPY, QQQ are increasing volume as are most stock option exchanges.


    Like to take my time with derivatives;
    that way one has time to double-check math.
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