option expiration and after hours pricing

Discussion in 'Options' started by eldorado1, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. wrote a 180 GLD Aug Call and didnt buy back
    GLD closed at 179.95 but in after hours trading its priced 180.21
    will I be assigned?

  2. rmorse

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    You won't know until Monday. If I were long the call, I would sell stock after hours and exercise to call. Not everyone can do that.
  3. In all their emails, TDA forgot to mention the most important thing - that naked selling aren't aloud anymore. I wanted to unfold a spread step by step but couldn't submit my orders so in the end got stuck with this.
    so Monday I need to hope for a gold pullback... Not cool
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    Is this a cash account or margin account?
  5. Margin
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  7. My buying power won't be enough. Do I contact my broker about this.
    BTW, I have a GLD 177 Oct Call so delta's will be moderate at least
  8. hajimow


    Closing price in regular trading hours counts. 99% your calls won't be exercised. Don't worry.
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    I would. You want to make sure if your not assigned they don't auto liquidate on the opening. You also want to find out when Monday you'll know.
  10. jayre


    Does your broker auto liquidate? If yes you can look like the guy that had the goog calls. If they will issue you a call before liquidating, you are in much better shape.
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