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  1. WOW! That was gonna be MY title after I get this thing off the ground. (Seriously!!)


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  2. I'm not sure which parts of ET you were browsing to arrive at that conclusion but you may fit in quite well in the Trading forums or even Chit Chat where "debates" are often lively and entertaining :D

    However, here in the Options forum, things in general have been a little less adversarial and more constructive hitherto for what it's worth.

    Prosperous trading!

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  3. Yeah, that is where I have been... just looking around and thought I would try myself out.
    Eh... it's all in good fun. I think we all learn from everything.

    Time for lunch ;)
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  4. Hmm, this is what this thread translates to:

    "I know more than most and I am an awesome trader and I have THE egde to rule the freakin markets!..... But could you guys look at all my low probability trades recently and tell me why they all lost money :(

    The best traders may often be the most humble and open-minded, otherwise the market finds a way to humble and close your account.

    Start from the beginning and look at each trade in light of greeks and fundamentals and the answer will you find.. Hmmmm?
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  5. The title is misleading. The book is about developing a trading system that works for you. It's doesn't present a cookie-cutter system like it might sound.
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  6. I understand that, I got the book today and am crusing thru it.
    BUT it was a great title that I was going to use. It sells books!
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  7. Right on dude!

    It should be pretty freakin obvious that I have been humbled here. Even though I do not know who I am talking to and no one knows who I am, this 1 thread has thought me probably the most I have learned, or at least the most important things about this business and myself. I admit, I say some pretty dumb things at times, but I also believe there are lots of new people who can and will learn from all comments here. And THAT is why we gather my friend! Acording to the book, I have entered the last stage...thinking I can make millions over night, getting frustrated, not giving up, seeking advice, and finally ready to face the music.

    More people should put themselves out there to get ripped a new one and hear the truth, bruise the ego and get a little p-oed. It really does wonders for the journey of finding the right system!

    One last thought: the EDGE that I have admidited not to exist here is a mere principal that if you do not have something that makes you want to enter the trade, its all a crap shoot. However, it seems that even with the EDGE, if you find one, it is still a crap shoot. I am considering more of non-directional trades or at least going ITM with my "strategy" whatever that may end up being.
    Without knowing my personality and sarcastic ways, I can see it would be easy to take my words as literal BS. But thank you all for comments, truely, everyone here has led me to a mind opening expierence.

    I think that is about all there is to be said and this thread should cease here. At least my comments will. (I know, that makes you smile. ) :)
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