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  1. Is there anyone here who would be willing to view my trades I have made to tell me what the hell I am doing wrong?

    Or can someone point me in the direction of how to have someone review my record, my, lost almost every trade this year and I am about to give up but doin't want to record. . .
  2. Adapt & Change .... OR .... Fail

    Those are your only options.
  3. You might try joining and posting your trades on RiskDoctor. com.

    The site has Charles Cottle on it, and does quite a bit of "trade dissection" for purposes of learning.

    I'm assumming here that you're doing options trades.
  4. No expert me but post some of your trades here for analysis and we'll see what we can do.

    If you do so though, be prepared for some flaming! :) Just ignore any that come your way if you can't find any constructive criticism in the content.

    Also, it would be useful to know what educational materials have been studied prior to or during trading so that alternatives can be suggested.

    If you have been using single options e.g. buying PUTs or CALLs then perhaps improving understanding of decay, volatility and strike selection will be in order. Also, getting familiar with spreads will be on the to do list.

    If you have been selling naked PUTs or CALLs then again, improving understanding of spreads and risk management will be required.

    Post some trades and Good luck!

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    Altough, it can adversely affect the pyschology of the trade. (Trying to prove to strangers on a message board of your prowess for instance ...)
  6. OK, Lets get a few things clear here.

    1. I am here to learn

    2. If you don't have anything intelligent to say, DON"T embarrass yourself by showing your IQ to the world.

    3. I never said I have any "prowess" in these trades.

    4. I only trade options

    5. Read Options as a strategic investment, Market Wizards, Super-preformance stocks, and have the optionetics 2 day seminars on tape (for much much less than anyone else will ever imagine.) The contrarian investor, Beating the Street, the Volatility Course, and a few others.

    All that being said, I am posting here to get some feedback, good, sound positive feedback. If you want to be stupid, beware!

    All the trades I will post have already expired.

    So, if you have backtesting skills, or knowledge of the stocks in question, please feel free to comment.

    WARNING: Flamers will be vaporized via atomic warheads.
  7. Below are my trades for the past few months. . .
    AGAIN, if these were successful, I would not be here asking for comments.

    - I hope this posts ok and is easy to read. . .

    6/21/2006 9:30 Buy To Open 10 .KTUTY NXTP AUG 27.5 Put 0.05 -65
    6/18/2006 13:15 Sell To Close 4 .CYQFX EXPIRED CSCO JUN 22.5 Call 0 0
    6/1/2006 13:17 Sell To Open 6 .VIXFD VIX JUN 20 Call 0.23 123.05
    6/1/2006 13:17 Buy To Open 3 .VIXFW VIX JUN 17.5 Call 0.53 -173.95
    6/1/2006 13:17 Buy To Open 3 .VIXFX VIX JUN 22.5 Call 0.18 -68.95
    5/31/2006 14:58 Buy To Close 2 .NSIRK NTRI JUN 55 Put 0.5 -114.95
    5/31/2006 14:58 Sell To Close 2 .NSIRL NTRI JUN 60 Put 1.1 205.04
    5/30/2006 12:26 Sell To Close 10 .MSQFJ MSFT JUN 25 Call 0.1 84.99
    5/30/2006 9:30 Sell To Close 4 .CYQRD CSCO JUN 20 Put 0.3 105.04
    5/21/2006 18:04 Buy To Close 10 .MSQEJ EXPIRED MSFT MAY 25 Call 0 0
    5/21/2006 18:04 Buy To Close 4 .CYQQD EXPIRED CSCO MAY 20 Put 0 0
    5/21/2006 18:04 Buy To Close 4 .CYQEX EXPIRED CSCO MAY 22.5 Call 0 0
    5/8/2006 9:32 Sell To Open 4 .CYQEX CSCO MAY 22.5 Call 0.2 65.04
    5/8/2006 9:32 Buy To Open 4 .CYQFX CSCO JUN 22.5 Call 0.45 -194.95
    5/8/2006 9:32 Sell To Open 4 .CYQQD CSCO MAY 20 Put 0.1 25.04
    5/8/2006 9:32 Buy To Open 4 .CYQRD CSCO JUN 20 Put 0.2 -94.95
    5/4/2006 15:58 Sell To Open 2 .NSIRK NTRI JUN 55 Put 0.95 175.04
    5/4/2006 15:58 Buy To Open 2 .NSIRL NTRI JUN 60 Put 1.85 -384.95
    5/3/2006 14:11 Sell To Open 10 .MSQEJ MSFT MAY 25 Call 0.05 34.99
    5/3/2006 14:11 Buy To Open 10 .MSQFJ MSFT JUN 25 Call 0.15 -165
    5/2/2006 10:37 Sell To Close 2 .NOVHO NOV AUG 75 Call 5.1 1005.02
    5/2/2006 10:37 Buy To Close 2 .NOVHP NOV AUG 80 Call 3.3 -674.95
  8. I cannot offer any advice specific your your trades as I am a novice options trader myself. However, I might make a couple of suggestions. You should post the specifics of why you entered these trades. Was is T/A only? If so, what indicators are you using? Was it purely fundementals, some news event you were expecting? If you're more specific you might get a better response.
    One last thing. I wouldn't challenge these guys to a flame war. Not that you couldn't hold your own. It's just I hate to see a potentially useful thread go down quicker that Paris Hilton on a first date.:D Hope to learn something here myself!
  9. Personally I wouldn't post here for this reason

    While there are a few here with some expertise, none of them have responded to your thread (yet).

    If you want help, posting entries and exits is only the first step

    A person would need to know

    1. What your reason for entry was.
    2. What if any edge you thought you had for the trade
    3. What order type did you use
    4. What your time frame are you trading on
    5. What your expectation was for maintenance of the position
    6. What your position size was
    7. What your stop loss is
    8. and if you did not exit via Stop loss, why did you exit?

    In fact, you should be keeping a log of each trade that has all this information easily at hand.

    If you want to interest someone with the expertise to help you, I would put it all in a single post, starting with the first entry.

    THEN, ask for comments...Even though none of these folks have clue, you may get one of the good guys to look in and help you out

    Good luck
  10. I would stay away from any "Selling to Open". Premiums are too low and one bad trade can wipe out 10 good trades. Stick to long ATM options.

    Are the short options causing most of your losses?
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