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    I am looking at a Random Walk Trading course the "Essentials" this course explains Option stratagies with video's as well as the book on the Brocken Wing Butterfly

    A course with Charles Cottle called "RiskDoctor TODAY". this is higlighted with his book "The hidden Reality" with 7 hours of video discussing chapter one and more video discussing the rest of the book. Also 5 weekly seminars by Charles.

    Both are priced about the same

    I have been paper trading option spreads on the TOS platform and have done some day trading but I need to better understand options and stratagies. I have heard that maybe Cottle is very indepth and one may need to be of higher intellegence to fully benefit...

    Appreciate your opinions...
  2. Carl K

    Carl K

    ebay "random walk trading",
    YouTube "ProbabilityOfSuccess", J.L.Lord has made some video's on BWB. I think 1/10 = 2/10, but I don't know.

    Charles Cottle helps you understand risk and how it changes with adjustments.
    Banking system wouldn't be in such a mess if they had taken the time to understand and manage their risks.
    Cottle is not light reading nor an entry level course, but if you understand a Put, Call, and Option Spreads,
    Charles can improve your understanding, even if you don't understand it all at first.
    Visit his forum http://www.riskillustrated.com/
    Download the condensed version of the book "OTTHR Light"
    One of the forums is "OTTHR Lite Free Course" give it a try

    Sorry no one else chimed in on your post, I'm pretty sure they will now.