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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by burrben, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. burrben


    Just wondering what is the lowest option commish out there with a quality firm. I trade about 130 contracts/month. Right now I have 1.25 with OX, and I know it's .75 with IB.

    Any other retail firms out there with better rates?

  2. I trade with ThinkorSwim for options trading, but not because they are the cheapest. They definitely aren't the cheapest. I switched to them because they have proven to me to be the best at getting my orders filled quickly at the best price and because their platform is great.

    Having dealt with others I would say that most people should be willing to pay the slightly higher commissions. Unless you happen to employ some type of strategy where you are barely eaking out a nickel at a time. When I was trading with other lower priced brokers I had to deal with lower performance.

    For example, one time I was long some calls @35 with a paper profit of about $1,500. The next morning I got on and the strike on my position had switched to $40 calls. I was then negative $200 or so even though the underlying had gone up. The underlying continued to rally and I ended up positive again but it still sucked, and I couldn't find the confirmation. Needless to say I always keep them organized now.

    Until someone comes along that is even close to as good as TOS I am happy to pay an extra $0.25/contract.

    Just my opinion.