Option Change Percentage

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  1. On Friday, Jan 6, 2011, the price of Google stock closed at $650.02. From the screen option chain shown.

    Why does the Jan 21 Call Strike Price of 280.00 showed a Change of -59.30? I would think that since the call is In The Money, it should still have a positive Change. Whereas the other Strike Price still showed a positive Change.
  2. ?....It appears that "235.70" trade was incorrectly entered for the 280-strike instead of the 380-strike. :cool:

  3. The last trade was August 18, 2011. I think that the -59.30 is from about August 12 to August 18. August 12 being the previous last trade before August 18.

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    The bid/ask is correct, and that's what matters. Last prices are often misleading, especially if there is little volume.