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  1. Looking for complete real time options chains and charts of implied volatility. Do you know of any website that has this info free or for a low monthly fee? Otherwise a good/affordable data feed with complete option chains.
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  2. Thank you guys. I have been using QQL, they don't offer complete option chains, what about Qcharts?
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    I use QCharts. The option piece is still under development in my opinion. For the basic option package, you get full chains real-time and Level II if you subscribe to that. Level II on options chains will save you the cost of the entire package every month if you trade a lot of options. Seeing the regional exchanges is invaluable when you're splitting the bid and ask and trying to knock down the big spreads.

    The problem with QCharts is the data integrity. AA and some others here can speak to it more specifically but my experience has been that the data is still a bit spotty. For some optionable stocks, QCharts will tell you that there are no options available. If you have the chain symbol and type it in, it will give you the data so I think the problem is linking the underlying to the symbol chain. I would say this affects about 8-10% of optionable stocks on Qcharts.

    The data is also suspect at times. I have made trades and seen the T&S on my backup provider, but not on QCharts. Some trades just don't get picked up. Although they have some problems, the charting and historical T&S make the package worthwhile overall.

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  4. Forgot about one, I have never seen InstaQuote but they are supposed to have good options chains too.


    Click on the "View Detailed Screen Explanation", then Options

  5. I use the cboe to look up option chains, and then the quote.com livecharts applet ($10/mo) to chart them.. the cboe doesnt seem to have the best bid/ask many times, and quote.com often doesnt have the correct option chains, but use them both and it's a pretty inexpensive combo. Both quote.com and the cboe seem to have problems with T&S being correct, and I can't say that I've found anything that I'm happy with.. I care more about the bid/ask than T&S, anyway.