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  1. Hi,

    I want to test a software which allow me to autotrade options of ETF such as QQQQ or DIA.

    Could you give me a name or two.

    Your opinion is very welcome

    Thank you
  2. rogcas


    interactive brokers - although are crap:p
  3. Steve,

    are you looking for an auto trading software or the decision software with signals

    I have both

    Dave Poxon
  4. I didn't think it was legal?
  5. not sure what you mean ?

    if you are referring to auto-trading software, the US supreme court last year affirmed that autotrading software does need registration
  6. There were restrictions against automatically entering orders for option trades.

    Not sure what the rule is, but there is a CBOE requirement that says you can't enter option orders (RAES) faster than every 15 seconds. IB was fighting it, but I haven't heard what happened.

    TWS will pop up a window (that you can auto-close with an addon) and will restrict "pacing violations".

    Hope this is still accurate info. If not, my appologies.

    Good trading to all. :cool:
  7. You cannot post a simultaneous bid and offer on an option contract as a retail trader.
  8. for a certain stock, I trade their option perhaps only 3 times in a month.

    I want to do it automatically so I don't miss the TOP of the peak and the BOTTOM of the through.

  9. let me know if your auto trading works for options. I have never seen something that does for electronic futures let alone options.... good luck with it.
  10. it does not.. it was specifically built for our Equity trade models
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