Optimum number of Monitors ?

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  1. folks , any opinions on what is the optimum number of monitors required to efficiently trade the futures markets. most of us only have 2 eyes and 1 brain and i wonder about the value of multi monitor set ups. surely a persons effectiveness processing all the information in real time reduces with the number of monitors he or she is watching ? any opinions, thoughts, comments etc would be appreciated.

    for the record i use a dual 19inch set up and am considering upgrading to a triple or quad horizontal set up.
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    Totally dependant on how many markets you trade. You need as many monitors as to fit what you look at on the screens - ain't it pretty obvious?
  3. This is like asking: What kind of car should I get?

    The answer depends on many factors and you list none of them.

    The main quesiton is: Are you profitable with your existing 2 screens? If not, then adding more information will likely cause further distractions, information overload and fear because of conflicting conclusions.

    Provide more info and you might get a better answer. Also, look here:

  4. actually its not ..... There are numerous studies that show that nearly everyone loses the ability to track more than 4 things at once: with the ability showing a marked decrease from three to four. After four, things really go downhill fast.

    Anyone contemplating whether they need more than three primary sources of information to track minute to minute should be very aware of these studies. Its tottally OK to have four or more monitors but you really can only actively watch about four information sources at once ....

    When contamplating how many monitors each employee really needs at their desk merely refer to these studies.... Most of the large funds I work with only have two or three screens on each traders desk with room onitors for less frequently used information.
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    You can track 20 markets on one screen or 2 markets on 2 screens - the number of screens is irrelvant - honestly this is a joke, unbelievably ridiculous question. And as for your studies I guess everyone is different, I use 6 screens on my TT simply because I need that many to fit all the markets I look at in MD format - if I could fit them on one I would have one. I focus intently on about 3 of them and the rest I glance at, but surely you should have as many as you need?
  6. Yes but my point is that only three to four things can be dealt with actively at one time. When people ask me - for example someone asked me for a six-plex setup around their desk - I tell them that if you think you need this much information around only your desk them its time to start automating your ideas because you aren't going to scalp 30 markets at once .....
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    Maybe you could help me automated my thoughts then, because I am looking at 6 TT screens and 2 market data screens
  8. I don't really follow the logic about how many things you can watch at once being correlated to the number of monitors. If you watch 4 charts real-time and about a dozen other charts you check occasionally you could do it two ways:

    (1) Have the 4 real-time charts and then one of the other dozen charts displayed on your monitors, when you want to switch which of the dozen charts is displayed then you would have to use the mouse to bring another window to the front

    (2) Have 16 charts displayed, 4 of which you are watching real-time and the other dozen are available for you to glance at (or not) as you see fit. No mouse work is needed.

    Which is more efficient?

    My point being just because something is on a monitor doesnt mean you have to be actively watching it every second, its a resource not a torture device.
  9. 1 brain??....you've been shortchanged :D

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    Optimal is probably three for beginners. 16 would suit me quite well.

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