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  1. Does Tradestation offers GA optimization? TS2000i seems to not perform speedy in optimization when optimization on > 300 combination. When complex formula is used, the speed is even lengthy. Does tradestation improve on this compare to ts2000i?
  2. no, GA optimization IMHO is a very fast way to end up w/ a curved fit result
  3. That's because you set your optimization wiht a curve-fit vulnerable fitness.
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    I'm pleased with the speed of Trading Blox software when running parameter sweeps (also known as optimization). It's fast enough to do multivariable sweeps at fine granularity, letting you get a detailed picture of system robustness.

    Here is an example of a fine granularity two-parameter sweep that I ran using Blox. Notice that there are about five peaks in the response surface; when I run sweeps, I prefer to look at the whole picture. Pruned searches (like GA et al) just give you the coordinates of the one peak found; I like to get more of a lay-of-the-land global perspective. Besides knowing where the peak is, I like to know the nearby topography.

    Naturally the software will let you sweep as many parameters as you like, but us darned humans and our darned 3D visual system, have a hard time visualizing more than a 3D plot (2 parameters + 1 result).

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