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    I feel like I already know the answer to question but it's best to ask it just the same.

    Is there any trading software that does optimal position sizing (aka Kelly sizing) the right way?

    There are several ways to calculate the Kelly ratio and most of them are wrong. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with trading software that did position sizing to their liking. Thanks.
  2. kelly in itself is a pretty simple calculation, the hard part of it isn't kelly it's getting your edge aka input probabilities correct... which is part of your idea not the trading platform per say.

    that said i use kelly for one of my strategies. i develop and trade on tradelink.
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    How are you calculating Kelly? Thanks.
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  5. I google scholar-d until i found a paper that had kelly examples close to my setup.
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    Sorry, I don't know what that means. Could you post the formula you use to calculate Kelly? Thanks.
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    That link doesn't work for me. Perhaps you can explain here why optimal f is preferable to Kelly.
  8. there are different kelly formulas depending on what you're doing.

    there's papers out there describing all the details and formulas.

    it does require reading on your part. good luck.
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    Kelly is good for options where you know how much you will lose or win. Outside options the optimal F is more appropriate
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    I googled scholar-d.

    There is no scholar-d.

    Could you please provide some of the links you talk about, at least the link that you used to get your Kelly formula? Thanks.
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