Optical mouse jumping

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ChkitOut, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. What the frig is wrong with my mouse.

    The pointer is just jumping to random spots.. Have been using the same mouse pad. Its a dell, came with the computer.

    Is it a piece of junk that's gone bad? Or does this happen to even the expensive optical mice?
  2. Tums


    jumping from handle to handle ?
  3. is it wired or wireless? If wireless, the obvious solution is to replace the batteries.

    Wired, try another mouse just to verify the UBS slot and computer are fine.

    If a different mouse works great, likely new mouse time. You could also try cleaning the bottom of the mouse with windex or something, just to see if it cleans the path... easy trial.
  4. Avi 8

    Avi 8

    Prolly the maker of the wire bundle effed it up.
  5. Get a new one
  6. Euler


    In my experience, infrared mice may jump whereas mice don't (at least not the better ones).
  7. I gave up on mouse dell gave me and
    got the Logitech LX8. Its Laser! Whooaa!
  8. Tums


    Does it cut through the Ergodic better?