Oprah won't have Palin on the show

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  1. If my surmisal is correct, Oprah would support the fairness doctrine if applied to talk radio, assuming she is a true Democrat. She had Obama on the show, she refused to have Hillary on the show, and she is refusing Palin. Her excuse with Palin is that she is not backing any candidate but her actions pretty much show that she endorses and gives free advertising to Obama... to me this shows the Stalinist nature of Democrats, they would like to shut out the voices of the opposition just like old Joe did, he would have people arrested and held until an important vote was done with if it made the vote go his way...

    I say a big shout out to Oprah is due, THANK YOU. You helped to shove an electable candidate to the back seat with the baggage and put your unelectable guy riding shotgun and waving all the "parade waves" in the whole show... Drudge seemed to have the same agenda, he had stories about Obama long before I ever figured out who the hell the guy was and he published pictures of Hillary that showed her at her witchiest looking moments... THANK YOU Mr. Drudge... it appears that McCain/Palin is going to sew this motha up, probably for 8 years. MSNBC is in complete disarray, it sort of appears that Americans are not blindly following every idiotic talking head that pops up on a screen somewhere and finding their true values.... they don't want the Federal Government to toss out the Bill of Rights and substitute a giant life and health insurance in it's place...
  2. Then you should be for the fairness doctrine, to give equal time to opposing voices. Sadly, the Republicans are against this.
  3. It would be a mistake for Palin to appear with Oprah. Why bother trying to convert the limo liberal, general black and nigger vote? They ain't changing!
  4. Hard to argue that a syndicated talk show host should be subject to the FD. OTOH it's equally crazy to see a billionaire class of entertainers and broadcasting executives profit from government protected public airwaves.

    Since the FCC will not license you and me to operate on Channel 8 Chicago (even though it's open) and thus compete against Oprah's ABC-7, I view Oprah as profiting off our dime. I'm the happiest guy in the world to see cable and satellite media destroy the hierarchy of monopolistic broadcasters.
  5. I like it that talk shows have to be vetted a bit. They need approval from the FCC to a small extent and a commercial venue has to accept them. Just allowing all opposing voices equal time will throw us into the chaos of having to listen to any and all insane viewpoints 24/7... the ACLU sued a city council once and won the right for a homeless guy to speak at all the meetings. The sucker was schizophrenic and he would just sit there and babble for as long as he liked... brilliant ideas from the leftist nonstop idiocy never seem to stop...
  6. Well, add that to the list of things that you oppose about the Republican party.
  7. Yes, as opposed to that right wing group that defended Rush Limbaugh during his drug charges. The ACLU.
  9. That black vote is the key to the third millenium. It's funny, but if Oprah is as racist as people think, maybe she is a big reason the Republicans will win... she shut out all the white candidates and gave the black one TWO appearances. The Democrats are nobodies for ever if they lose just ten percent of the black vote to Republicans. What they need is more lawyers like Jessee Jackson to ensure that they remain unemployable by the private sector and therefore dependent on public sector jobs and welfare, and that is what they will do, continue with the siege on the private sector in the form of civil rights suits... Jessee Jackson wanted to cut Obama's nuts off for saying that Blacks should shape up a bit and become acceptable to the private sector and the culture in general... they hated Bill Cosby and Alan Keys for the same message as well.. oh well, if you can't get somebody to oppress you, have to do it yourself........

    Muslims consider themselves to be an oppressed minority in the world too LOL. I guess Obama identifies with the oppression thingy so much that he unconsciously slipped and said he's a Muslim.........
  10. I'm sorry, but this is incredibly ironic that a Republican would be concerned about this after the Republicans were the ones that got rid of the Fairness Doctrine in broadcasting.

    The Republicans rule as if they will always be in charge, then are surprised when they aren't.
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