Oprah hypocrite!!

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  1. Oprah would not have Sarah Palin on her show because she "is not backing any candidate". Is she a racist maybe? Now this:


    Tue Oct 21 2008 09:28:56 ET


    Oprah Winfrey is offering to "produce" the half-hour Barack Obama advertisement set to air on Oct. 29, a top source tells the DRUDGE REPORT. The Daytime TV dynamo has even offered up her studio space in Chicago.

    "She's been begging Obama to let her help," a source explaines.

    O & O

    It is not clear if the Obama campaign would pay Winfrey for any production services.

    Requests for comment from Oprah went un-returned.

    The Obama campaign strongly denies Oprah will be involved in the ad: Bill Richardson's former senior adviser, Mark Putnam is producing. Previously, Putnam produced commercials for Democratic campaigns in 44 states.

    The TV finale is seen as a high risk move, designed to remove any remaining voter doubts on the first term senator.

    CBS, NBC and FOX will air the info-commercial, with the start time of a potential World Series Game 6 being pushed back by eight minutes.

    Mystery surrounds the production: Will it simply be Obama sitting at a desk reading TelePrompTer? Or will it incorporate multi-media elements, on the road footage, and sweeping historic images.

  2. She's probably doing her a favor. She'll just make a vagina out of her herself, like with every single TV interviewer she's been "allowed" to talk to.

    She couldn't handle the softball questions of Couric. McCain just proved what I always believed, Affirmative action doesn't work

    If you have any affection for McCain, you'd want this lady to keep on looking gorgeous / reciting her talking points @ rallies.
    TV interviews mean questions, questions mean thinking, thinking requires brains. Don't you know, they don't have brains in Alaska.
  3. Uhh... yeah... first time caller, long time listener -- just wanted to know where Oprah said this, with citation, before I put this in the big Republican "bullshit" pile.

    She did say that she didn't want her show to be a platform for any of the candidates.
  4. i watched a clip of her interview with CNN this afternoon I felt bad and conflicted. I don't want to be able to feel compassion and pity for political adversaries...but I felt embarrassed for her.
    Shame on McCain on throwing this fine housewife to the sharks. She's at most qualified to be a 3rd grade teacher.
  5. Lucrum


    She's a flaming liberal, racist and hypocrite.
  6. Oprah owns Harpo studios... production house... Just business as usual. Not sure what the big issue is with Obama delegating and contracting the best in the business.