Opps! He Didn't Even Listen To Talk Radio

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  1. ...or watch TV.

    Jared Loughner’s friend says suspect ‘Did not watch TV … disliked the news’
    By Chris Ariens on January 12, 2011 10:53 AM

    This morning on “Good Morning America,” ABC’s Ashleigh Banfield sat down with Zach Osler, a high school friend of Jared Loughner, the suspect in the Tucson massacre.

    Osler says his friend wasn’t shooting at people, “he was shooting at the world.” Regarding the high-pitched talk radio and cable news political rhetoric, Osler says his friend didn’t even watch the news.
  2. What difference does it make whether Loughner watched TV or listened to Talk Radio?

    The bottom line is that people shouldn't be able to carry and conceal hand-guns with multiple magazines that carry 33 bullets per clip just because they are
    "over the age of 21 in Arizona".

    Thank you Senator Russell Pearce.
    Thank you Governor Jan Brewer.
  3. Ahem, perhaps you've been sleeping for the last 4 days.

    You should take that up your concerns with Obama's favorite Sheriff who appears to have had plenty of opportunity to do something:

    the Dupnik cover-up appears to be underway: Pima County Sheriff’s Department, college won’t release data on suspect…
  4. The difference is that it deflates the libtarded lies and phony innuendo about his motive, which libturds want to use to limit free speech and gun rights.

    Speaking of which... your bottom line is delusional because guns don't kill, people do. If a psychopath is bent on killing, nothing can stop him. So you'd better outlaw cars and everything else that could potentially be used as a weapon while you're at it.
  5. I guess I'm not surprised that you are so dumb that you are unable to GRASP the point that had someone not tackled Loughner ( who had multiple clips carrying 33 bullets each), more people would have been killed/wounded.

    You fail to comprehend this most significant point.
    Or do you have no problem with Arizona's current gun policy?
  6. I thought Palin was the shooter?
  7. I admit that Palin's about as DUMB as any political figure can be, especially given her fiery (and somewhat ) inflammatory rhetoric which (I've pointed out) will always be thrown back in her face from every interview that she ever does now till Hell freezes over . . . and her 8 minute video "response" today to the shootings continues to cast her in the most ignorant light in which she talks about blood libel without a clue as to what it actually means . . . but I've certainly never claimed that she pulled the trigger.


    I repeat . . . Do you have no problem with Arizona's current gun laws?
  8. Lucrum


    More liberal stupidity.

    Had some of the crowd been carrying weapons they could have shot the assassin long before he emptied his first magazine. Saving who knows how many injuries or deaths.
  9. chartman


    He did not watch TV. He disliked the news. He didn’t listen to political radio. He didn’t take sides. He wasn’t on the left. He wasn’t on the right.


    It will make a lot of difference to those that have accused talk radio/TV as being the cause of the shooting. Watch them start covering their asses.
  10. Amazing that this needs to be explained...
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