Opportunity to short gold

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  1. Im still too new to actually do this trade (I think)
    but here goes:

    Watching the bollinger bands to cross back 'outside' the keltner channels on a 20 day 30 minute chart

    the opportunity for a short trade will present itself if the momentum oscillator is <0 at that point

    probably wont trade on it - but am sure watching with interest to see if this plays out
  2. It's a good short, yes.
  3. So just out of curiosity - is it a good short based on the premise of the chart pattern?

    Or just a good short at this point in time , based on life the universe and everything?
  4. He's kidding. You'd be insane to short gold here. Remember what you said about the Wall Street guys, the bank stocks, and falling knives?
  5. Thank god for people with lagging indicators. Line up herds...line up!!!
  6. Go will be going up up up up!
  7. efutures


    Not if it breaks the head and shoulders neckline in a daily chart. It's testing the neckline. If it doesn't break, I would expect much higher prices in gold.