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  1. Well folks the stakes are high, every Opportunity Knocks play has worked out very well except FLEX which just worked out a bit.

    Our new entrant is Energy Conversion Devices. I have been burned by this stock in the past and watched it do several free falls on investors when I was not involved.. so I respect the nonsense here but there is a fair bit of gold in dem hills especially as to how this company can transition to more a solar play than a battery play. Anyway we have a new CEO and I think that's the main thing. They have earnings coming up in early Nov normally it world be stay away time- prove it to me. But I'm pretty sure the new CEO is going to highlight this transition in business focus and this could be received well by the street.

    An institutional investor who shall remain secret because even I do not know his name but he has told someone else I consult with occasionally to " keep his eye on ENER " and when you're as weak as I am and looking for an excuse to flip EMC, it's just a natural flip.

    ENER regularly traded between $33 and $38 in the past so to have it down here at $27 and change is a really nice buy point. I think we can take this right back to $33 that's $7! Enjoy. ~ stoney
  2. Folks it's 3:25 on a Friday is there really a trade out there worth making? Yes damn it! The interday technicals on ENER tell me someone is accumulating. I already have a tip from someone else to " watch it " Well hell, who want to watch? I want to party with it. This could still explode in the last 15 minutes today I'm not kidding. Anyway ENER is going to be the play all next week I hope. It occurred to me that they might just spin off their solar unit to investors... as a stand alone it would be worth far more than ENER's price now. Maybe they just get BOUGHT! How bout that bit of stoned reasoning? Over the weekend! How bout they blow away earnings? How about, How bout' you step to the plate and get a little ENER into your account now?? ~ stoney
  3. Ok stonedinvestors get your seatbelts on looks like we are strong out of the gate today!

    ENER surges a buck! ~ SI
  4. Alright we are really picking up steam here bought on Fri in the low $27's now approaching $29. I need a roll call here! Who is on board ENER???? ~ stoney
  5. paj


    I took a leap of faith in on Friday and I'm in for 500 @ 27.1742.

    Good call so far...
  6. Oh Paj! I got callers lined up the ying yang who want in at $28.50!!!!! Hang In! Good Job! will keep you entirely informed!!! ~ stoney
  7. What do you think of ENER after today?

    Coming into a buy opp or declining further to the ~$25.50 area.

    People selling scared before fed announcement?
  8. Unfortunately I've got myself into a little oil sell off all the sudden & this effects solar plays -no one needs solar all the sudden oil is $90. This is silly obviously but I took it on the chin in a bunch of names... no doubt the sector is long in the tooth but you can't argue it works. I hope ENER can blast the cover off the ball at earnings and paradoxically for the market's sake -I find myself hoping oil bounces back up for a month so I can get this trade off. ~ stoney
  9. yeah, oil is so cheap now! lol.

    I have been trading in and out of ENER since mid Sept.

    I am timid when it comes to earnings and not sure if I want to be holding then. Although I like the stock alot and would love to be long , I cannot afford to hold for to long.

    I expect oil to easily bounce up and make some new highs soon. But maybe it is on a decline?? I think todays decline was due to the caution set in from what Bernanke is going to do. which shows that it is overbought (IMO) if it cannot support itself.

    Good luck stoney.


    good luck
  10. MAN those earnings took a long time coming.

    Nice to see I can still spot a winner on the upswing!

    ENER +$3.40 or 13% in pre market in a VERY strong pre market solar group after it released earning's & issued strong guidance.

    What's great here folks (paj) is that ENER was not being included in this solar group until today. It's as if a light bulb is going off in investors heads today oh yea these guys have a big solar division, so big they're going to be profitable soon... Opportunity knocks as they say... lets see how far this can take us... ENER can be EXPLOSIVE when it wants to... fingers crossed...I need this one badly! ~ stoney
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