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  1. Folks the last time I gave you a tip based off my wife's fashion knowledge it was about Saks 5th Ave turning around. Those of you that listened made a bundle and this weekend she said buy ANF. She sees it everywhere and told me she thinks the kids have actually worn the parents down to the point where they are shopping there for themselves now!

    So woe and behold I happened to see yesterday a pumper pumping on Bloomberg and I'm 99.9% sure he was talking about ANF ( I had sunscreen in me eyes and a big glare on the little tv) and he said buy so the recommendation from the wife looked pretty strong... so I just checked in on it and wouldn't you know down $3! Thank you mr Pumper! Now I know the Mrs. wouldn't intentionally steer her own $'s down the drain so I must dig a little further and I see it was a meaningless downgrade today in a weak market a start at underperform. Fine. But this stock is already down 4% a few days ago when it got downgraded to market perform by someone. Ok all the analysts are jumping ship but are they right? Are they ever right?

    This smells like an opportunity to me but I've sent the name up stream to get a better feel S&P seems to still like them with a BIG PT and I think it's a year of low 2%-3% same store before they get rolling again... but to count this brand out? Seems stupid.

    Back soon. ~ stoney
  2. Hi Stoney.

    I took my 14 year old niece to the mall 2 weeks ago, and this was an exact quote from her...

    "Half my closet is Abercrombie and the other half is Aeropostale....and my friends are like that too."

    Either thats a good sign, or it's already at saturation point!!! :eek:
  3. Longhorns I think that is a good sign because Aero is top notch. AND it signifies a drop off I see at other teen retailers, names she might of dropped in prior years, PSUN HOTT and such... Brand Name is important here. As your niece heads towards 18 give Guess a look! Peace SI

    PS: Uh oh the hedge fund is short ANF! I hate when this happens... They are checking if they are covering today...

    more to come....
  4. Well they are sticking with their short " although at this point they feel they are playing with fire " I don't know then comes the challenge: do you want it? Pause.

    I'm going with China play CHDX instead.

    In the retail field my One Really Strong Feel is For
    LUX. Luxottica so that's my play for now I like ANF but I don't want to be a hero here.

    Annother crazy up and down and whatever sort of day We're people complaining about a boring market yesterday?


    I'm putting my end of summer hopes and online rep in those three caring hands wish me luck. ~ stoney
  5. WOW. Ok it's amazing what annother 45 or so points will do but the hedge fund is NOW covering ANF!

    How do I get myself in these positions? I'm IN FOLKS!!!!!! 5 minutes to the close WHO's THE STONEDINVESTOR! >3/4 position but with them that's still sickingly large. ~ SI
  6. topdown


    Damn Stoney - I hate to miss out on another one of your calls, (like I did with IMMR - which was up again today btw). But dude - the ANF chart looks like a big ol steaming pile of dog shyt. Fell below all support levels on a big sell off today. The entire retail sector is looking extremely weak.

    I'd look for it to fall another 3.00 and would only be a buyer only if it bounces off the December lows in the 66 range.

    Of course, I fully expect to watch it recover from today's sell off and read a "what you didn't get in? - I told you so" post here in a week or two.
  7. I'm not sure it's as catch a knifey as it looks at first blush. Agreed the first thing I did was say wow that's a scary chart but with an end hope of $95 how far do I let it fall? Working strictly on a 2 year chart Jeff I say $68.30 - $68.80 is as low as this retail powerhouse ever gets in this bull move.
  8. Well at least it's not free falling... ANF is still standing DESPITE TOPDOWNS DOWNGRADE! Damn man pile on why don't you first UBS then Needham, Then CIBC (I'm making these up but you get the picture-- a little late to the negativity party aren't we? Oh I'm just scared shitless don't listen to me... except about:>OTHER BUYS: REDF ISIS

    REDF looks ready to depart the station folks...

    I'm giving an official " ALL ABBBBOARD LAST CALL REDF EXPRESS... next stop BOMBAY ! (Actually Millers!)

    May this make up for MBLX. SI
  9. More on REDF.

    BIDU has doubled in 6 weeks and has recently cooled. REDF is my Indian BIDU is now the time.


    What we have hear is a failure to unify. This Indian.play needs to play catch up. What we see is a large coiling pattern we are up at the APex and about to lift away...

    A punch through $21.25 on volume! and I'm afraid to give you stoned projections because they are quite HIGH. I mean chart it yourself and draw trendlines since the IPO and you will see what I mean. Here's a stock where WORST CASE scenario COULD BE $25! Worst case and more likely $33.

    Would you like a nice $20.00 to $33.00 stock or do you have too many of those. That's it- I just convinced myself, I can never wait for the volume that's my downfall, I'm forcing this one into the hedge fund. Damn me. ~ stoney


    REDF NOW UP $1.70!!!!! Oh baby stoney is back in town folks, I was nervous I had left. Phew.

    Ok I'm going to go megalomaniac on you if we can get a $24 print this week! This HAS TO RUN BECAUSE the damn hedge fund is in a meeting and my emails are going unanswered sure I could lift up the phone and be a man and actually talk to someone anyone an ASSISTANT, A COLLEGE KID-- THE head guys grandson... there it right over there- the phone-- so innocent, so sleek my bridge to reality. NO. I'll let the stock run. I'll punish myself. run damn it. run I have a good little chunk in my online don't get greedy and ruin this by buying a HUGE amount. Relax. I found this beautiful half bottle of a Australian "Semillon" the wife must have been trying to hide. Looks expensive. Only 10.5% alch. This isn't a desert wine is it?

    >REDF I'm not giving my target price YET!
    But it could be HUGE. :cool:
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