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  1. classic wall street story. its been happening since the creation of the exchange. Huge IPO publicity generated by the underwriters, every manager/broker on the street holding and shouting buy, buy, buy collecting retails $$$ all the way up.

    yes GOOG earnings have been increasing, and yes there is a rosy outlook, but seriously -> 130B market Cap, 100 PE, with these figures GOOG should be able to take over a small country soon. Google has a bigger market cap than Disney, Target and Macdonalds combined atm, somethings wrong there i think.

    one out-of-line forecast or actuals, or one broker dumping and the whole stack cards are gunna come down.

    when its going to happen is beyond me, that why im scaling into outright puts, first march/june'06 300/250's, then scale in/out more depending upon what happens along the way. i want to be out of this play by this time next year.

    p.s. this is not a prediction but a opportunity, with potential payoff in the 1000's% i only need 1 / ten of these opportunitys to work out to get payed. oh yeah, im praying for GOOG 500.
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    Praying and Trading isnt a good combination.

  3. i agree, but i didnt say it the context of real hope etc.. it was more of a.....scarcastic remark......in that i dont care how high the price goes because the opportunity only becomes better.....unless GOOG is going to become bigger than MSFT in market Cap....lol :eek:
  4. GOOG also added to Nasdaq 100 today.
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    Ok, good luck.
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    If you step in front of a speeding train..............
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    GOOG Google tgt upped to $475 at Jefferies (430.15 ) -Update-

    Jefferies raises their GOOG tgt to $475 from $377, as they view a $1 bln investment for a 5% stake in AOL as positive for GOOG on a number of strategic and tactical fronts; including a stronger search relationship, expansion into display advertising and weakening MSN.
  8. simply begin to count the posts that will warn you not to fight the trend. If you count more than 10, then goog may be ready to drop because then even the last idiot is then invested in this company.
    Even the bullshit deal with AOL was worth another 6 Billion in Market cap (Microsoft decided not to pay so much money for the 5% AOL piece).
    Goog is a giant money making machine for a lot of big investors and institutionals and they will bid it up into year end unless there is really some catalyst that will turn the direction.
    Hope you don't give up on your put strategy to early because here you may need some patience...
  9. my puts are looking good:D
  10. I read today in the NYTIMES ONLINE edition

    that SAC capital rode GOOG to amazing profits
    in the last yr since the IPO but has since
    sold the majority of its holdings

    smart rich whiz that Stevey

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