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    Could someone in the know please comment on the health of these Prop shops and the BEST place to BEGIN a career, thank you:

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    FNYS..... they pay you to learn.... How can you beat that?

  3. I can only comment on firms I've had experience with. Echotrade is a pretty solid firm. I guess they are now doing some mentoring in branches other than the Chicago and Arizona offices. They don't have much in the futures/options department. (you can get j-trader for minis but they dont encourage it).

    Also check out Greentree Trading. They've come a long way in the past year. They're based in San Francisco and have offices in Incline Village and Boca.
    I don't know if you can get training there, you'll have to call them.
    I like the fact that you can trade almost anything there. I can do stocks,futures, and options all from one stable platform.
  4. I'm no experienced prop expert, but for the last 2 weeks I have been researching companies, some need a series 7 , some don't

    I will tell you that you left a pretty good one off your list


    Don from BRIGHT TRADING e-mailed me about 10 times, answering a ton of questions for me even after I told him that I was going to try to find a place that didn't need a series 7 so I could try it out without the expense of the license and the time it would take to get it before I could trade.

    Not many people will help you like that, especially when their in business and your asking about the compitition, most wouldn't even get back to you, so don't leave out BRIGHT TRADING you would be making a mistake

    don't know about ECHO, but they were pretty nice guys too, and theres a thread about them here somewhere

    Good luck to you, ask a lot of questions
  5. Actually, I would also love to hear about ETG- unfotunately I am currently in Charleston, SC .... meaning that I am pretty far from any trading firms (anyone else in the area?)-

    ETG is based in Atlanta, which I would heavily consider...... need to know more than I can get off their web site-...... first hand experience.

    So count me in on opinons on them!

  6. most of those places have remote trading

    I guess you would have to spend some time at their firm if you have never traded before
  7. Yeah, it seems Tbomb and I are both looking into firms that cater more to ENTRY level candidates.
  8. etrade wants you to have experience

    if you don't they want you to open a retail daytrading account with 30,000.00 and show them what you can do

    If your just looking for buying power and not a series 7

    I'm checking out HLV and ALLIANCETRADER

    ALLIANCETRADER isn't a prop shop but their an offshore trading place so you don't have to stick to the usa daytrading rules

    their site says you can get 4-1 with a 500.00 deposit

    offshore trading could be pretty risky???????????????????