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  1. Gcapman


    You're a good profitable trader with a system that has consistent returns and low drawdowns based on small leverage

    You're not a former bank trader, Princeton Econ guy or the nephew of several CEO uncles at Fortune 500 companies who would give away insider information

    Is this the best way to start the "eventual" career path of OPM?


    Any thoughts? THNX
  2. When you say OPM, what are you referring to?
  3. MGJ


    "... career path of OPM"


    "having a job investing/trading Other People's Money"

    I'd suggest you do a little arithmetic to figure out the minimum amount of Assets Under Management you'd need, to make it worthwhile. Figure out your monthly expenses: rent (if any), data vendor, internet feed, software licenses, platform fees, attorney fees, accountant fees, auditor fees, employees salaries (if any), your own salary.

    If you decide to pay yourself a modest $20/hour ($40k/year) when you start out, and if you have no employees and pay no rent on your office, the arithmetic might say that you need 2.5 million USD of assets under management. Slap together a little spreadsheet and try it yourself.

    Hint: make the worst-case assumption that your first two years results are: breakeven trading, i.e., you earn zero profits. Thus the profit-incentive-fees part of your compensation, equals zero.