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  1. I was born to smoke opium. However, I have never done such a thing, has anyone here ever done this? I am buzzed posting at the moment, been at a party all afternoon, the topic came up and a woman in our group of friends said she had done this years ago in Thailand. It was intriuiging to say the least, now I am on a mission. It is more than a drug experience, it is a mistycism from yesteryear that is the draw, a romantic age that left us in our modern age, long ago. I want to "get hip".
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  3. No. You may want to have a chemical analysis done on whatever you're going to take to make sure nothing really nasty is blended in with your "product". :cool:
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    How was the party?
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    Some d-phenylalanine and Vicodin is a good start but it doesn't have the mystique factor admittedly...