Opition trading books?

Discussion in 'Options' started by Nutzo, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. Nutzo


    If anyone has any good option trading books in PDF for a newbie to option trading can you PM them to me?

  2. I neither trade options, nor know much about them, but
    this site seems to be very good and non-profit association

    complete option education

    anyone can recommend better one?
  3. ET option trader,

    How good is Tradestation optionstation for option
    use? TS offers more than 48 options strategy? Any
    one use them for trading options?

    Also Can intraday option trading become automated?
  4. Anseld


    that tradestation toy is crap and not very powerful.

    actually, there aren't any existing commerical option trading products that are powerful.

    it depends on what you're doing, but if you're interested in anything beyond the most basic stuff, you have to write your own.
  5. Can you say few things that Optionsstation couldn't do like?
    I need to use somthing at least to get started

    Because i can't program applications myself, and it costs an
    arm and a leg to build one :D
  6. Anseld


    well, they have all the basics, but the features just aren't that advanced at all. it depends if you're only interested in expiration value or risk premium value calculations. they don't reflect the entire risk portfolio with much flexibility for the latter. it also won't let you fudge around with volatility over different periods for the same series, so it doesn't adjust accordingly to what you really want to see might happen. of course, you can still find them by hand and calculator or with excel, but that defeats the purpose of using a program to do that for you. if you're only analyzing one single option, you can do that pretty quickly, but if you're analyzing a portfolio, it could take some time. it's also not that useful if you want to project multiple future option values if you intend to close them out in different dates or after shifts to various price levels of the underlying. their inputs are just too stationary and you can't feed your assumptions into it.
  7. Nutzo


    Thanks for hijacking my thread and taking it off topic:mad:

    Thanks Nanatrader for the link.........If anyone has a few books in PDF can you PM them to me? Thanks:)
  8. Sorry for that

    Why you like to trade options? :)
  9. I have a few books in PDF, but I've never known ET PM service provides attachment function. Can you reassure it?
    :D :D :p