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    In this groups opinion, what is probably the closest to the best trading software out there? Nothing is perfect, but does anything come close?
    I'm using Fidelity active pro which just sucks big time. Horrible charting, slow connection 95% of the time, many other issues.
    I've looked at realtick, I think their chart software sucks as well.
    I need a reliable platform. I use 5, 3 minute and sometimes 1 minute time intervals, so I need a really good display at that level.
    I need direct trading capability which I currently have with Fidelity. I'd stay with them if their software wasn't so bad. (regarding the terrible way the charts look during the first hour, it gets a little better after that, the solution was to use the two day, intraday chart. Great a solution, the two day intrachart is really a three day. Seems ya can't count on today, it's not really completed so you get three days of miniscule data.)
    Also, a good commision rate if possible. I get $8 per trade right now, some platforms I've noticed have a negotiable rate.
    Oh, and though level two is nice to have, but I don't rely on that that much. Charting and technical indicators are what I find most important and useful. Everyone has their trading style, that's mine.
    Gonna look at esignal, cybertrader....any others?

  2. Interactive Brokers with QuoteTracker charting.
  3. MBTrading and Thinkorswim should also be on your eval list - Thinkorswim doesn't have the best commissions for stocks in the group, but the software is pretty darn good considering you get it free. MBtrading doesn't provide any charting either - so you'd need to look at another source.
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