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  1. Hello everyone as this is my first post.
    I am a begginer trader, just traded 3 months on Forex (with no spectacular results as i just wanted to accomodate myself with the "real thing"), but i want (?) to become a professional one.I've read many books on trading regarding psychology, technicals, just about everything that i could get my hands on. I want to ask you to share your opinion on my situation and give me your thoughts.
    Recently there was an add posted trough an internet job portal that said an american investment fund recently arrived in our country (i am in Europe) is looking to fill a limited number of seats on their recently opened floor. They wanted bright, young, economic college graduates etc. They offered infrastructure, training, and capital. I won't be bringing any kind of asset. I went to the interview, i passed it and those of us who passed were given an "Equity Security" book, a manual to study for a test. We were told that the exam would be actually Series 7, excluding legislative and boring parts. Ok, so i passed 2nd the test and now i am waiting for the offices to complete (by next week i was told) and start paper training at first under supervision and guidance.
    My question for those of you who traded in an investment fund or in an institution is : "Is it worth it ?". The whole process took almost 3 months by now, all my college friends(i graduated last year) work already in a bank or financial institution and have a fixed salary, which i could've achieved too by now. I am thinking that the training process won't be paid and therefore another few months will pass and i have things to pay for :)). In the long run, is it worth it ? I'm just asking for opinions, of course that i'll stick here having gone so far.

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  2. If you are not totally obsessed with mathematics and trading...
    And have not been into math and games and gambling/trading since your teens...
    And would not do it for free...
    And not work on it 7 days a week for years and years...

    Then you have ZERO chance of succeeding.

    Why? Because I just described your competition.

    Of course, you can always get a job job.


    :cool: :cool: :cool:
  3. I don't think i can cope with working for free. I think nobody does. At least not for long periods of time.
    Anyway i think it will be an ultimate experience and i will do my absolute best until i make it or until it will be obvious it doesn't work. Because it's their money and they offer training i am willing to take it as a free course if not something else. I am sure they will try to get something good out of me too since they want to train traders at their own expense.
    Thank you for your thoughts.
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    He didn't mean that you have to do it for free...everyone (almost) needs money to live on. He meant that you have to want to be a trader so bad that you would be willing to do it for free. There is a difference there. Just helping out where I can.

    For what it's worth...I would say go for it. As you said, you've already gone this far. I think you've already made up your mind anyway.