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  1. Orvis


    Can anyone offer opinions on the following firms via direct knowledge or reputation?

    SMB Capital
    Hold Brothers

  2. DAGZ


    This Forum is for Lonely Chatters, bored losers & scared wanna bee's. Profitable Pro traders have better things to do. Nobody can comment on most firms because they will screw their reputation for the long run. New traders must pay their own dues. I know, its too bad.....Their all scared.
  3. Orvis:

    You are a spammer. I think you work for SMB capital and just wanna mention their name here.

    SMB CAPITAL SUCKS. none of theire traders make money . It is a Churn and burn shop

    Hold brothet software is garbage and has the worst managment , so unfair and they customer support is garbage

    Ok Orvis now go ask your boss ( SMB) if he still wants you to come and make a new ID and mention their name here!
  4. DAGZ


    SMB and HOLD Brothers are long time leaders in the industry. Let it all out.
  5. Spyhawk


    I just don't like the idea of wasting time on the 7. Trying to find an established firm with .0035-.004 at 400k shares monthly and free platform is tough. It seems like the newer and more shady the cheaper. It might not be worth that $100.00 a month in saved fees when one of the firms traders blows out and there go's our 5 g's with it. Then the well established firms want the newbies that slip into their education business model at a penny a share, Or there is the offer to a proven profitable trader that does 1-2 million shares per month that makes these cheese props pull out the vaseline. If you don't have your liquid 50 in cash then you are truly one of the 1% that will succeed. Its been tough this last 11 months but I'm finally break even. I can't wait to Get out of the prop kiddy pool.
  6. Orvis


    Actually, I do not work for SMB. Just rattling off the firms I've heard of.