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  1. I have a portfolio of five systems for the ER2 and ES which has a very solid equity curve and return on capital. I'm a developer and don't have a lot of dough. Are there any prop firms who would consider someone who trades systems only? The systems are in EL so they are easy to test.
    Thanks for any opinions or help.
  2. Just put up 5k. Trade small and size up over time. If you're smart enough to develop a robust system, I'm sure you can scrounge together 5k.
  3. Thanks for the reply. But this portfolio requires about $25,000 to trade one lot. Besides, I'd like the opportunity to work with a firm. Attached is the current EQ curve.
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  4. Well, you do realize that prop firm are leverage vehicles, don't you? With 5k, you could get 200k in BP. What is the average duration of a trade using your system (if overnights are involved, things change). Max drawdown?
  5. Don't know much about prop firms. Attached is the performance summary which shows drawdown, etc. All day trades - no overnight.

    Are there prop firms that trade systems only? From what I read on this board most of them want to teach you their strategies. I just want to trade my own systems and develop others.
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  6. Prop firms are leverage vehicles. You give them a deposit - they leverage it and make money off your commission.

    Trade remotely. Write a front-end to feed into the firm's respective platform.

    Just eyeballing, your max loss, it looks like the worse case scenario would be 4 losses at $816 a piece or $-3,264. Why not just deposit double that and see how you do?
  7. I do trade the strategies myself, but not as a portfolio. I use the worst case scenario after a Monte Carlo simulation which is different than the portfolio drawdown. I've done well trading these strategies but just had a crazy idea that perhaps working for a firm would allow me to increase my capital faster.
    Anyway, thanks for the input.