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  1. i am far from a fit person , and im sick of it. Its time to align body with mind.

    Was fishing out in the ocean in my kayak, a fish bit and i tried to turn around to grab the rod-- i could barely do it and nearly flipped over. This made me realize how fat i really am.

    Fortunately, i was blessed with solid genetic make up from both sides of my family- recently went to a cardio guy for a work up and all appears well in that regard so far - despite the abuse via a food addiction-- but i want to get fit now and will-- i just read this about paleo diet and this guys ideas. What do you experienced fit people think of this approach?


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  2. No easy answers surf. Please keep in mind that - although there is some good science in the field - a lot of it is pseudo science and borders on charlatanism. Not unlike trading!

    Having said that, some of what De Vany advocates is common sense and is in line with what others are saying (i.e. partial starvation, high intensity exercise, restrict ingestion of simple sugars, etc). I don't agree with cutting out grains. Oats and bran (oat bran) provide many benefits.

    My beefs (pun intended) with many of the arguments re lifestyle and diet have to do with the framing.

    For example: "...diet in line with what our ancestors ate...". Yes, great, but what was the average lifespan of our ancestors say a few thousand years ago? I can tell you they didn't - on average - live to be in their eighties.

    Or "why don't zebras die from heart-attacks?" Indeed, as they get a little older they become slower and die from being eaten by lions and tigers. Even young and quick they are eaten by lions and tigers anyway.

    Or "I eat XYZ and these are my levels of ABC and EDF, and they are in the extremely heatlhy range". Let's ignore who determines what the healthy range ABC and EDF levels are (fictitious acronyms by the way), this ignores genetics and other factors. Also, there are complex dynamic and feedback loops at play that - with all due respect - simple minded nutritionists don't understand. Let's not forget that De Vany was a pro baseball player. An athlete. Genetics? Perhaps.

    But of course, such questions don't sell seminars and books, etc.

    Interestingly enough Taleb wrote the book's afterword. He states: "Like Art, I eat nothing out of the box. No sugar, bread, pasta, etc." Funny how on his twitter feed he is almost constantly posting pictures of the squid ink pasta he is about to devour. :) What is even funnier is that De Vany's PhD is in Economics. Not exactly a field that Taleb respects.

    No easy answers, but in general some daily exercise (just try walking), occasional starvation (just skip a meal here and there), eat whole (unprocessed and mainly vegetarian although some animal protein is OK) foods, and watch the intake of salt and sugar and you'll feel better. Also, alcohol in moderation (sorry surf, the partying days are over). :(

    PS. From your kayak incident, lifting some weights would also be in order. Anyway, this is something you should do as you get older.
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  3. Banjo


    Forget about diets for now, start at the beginning. Google the " second brain" and "gut biome". You're consuming egregious levels of sugar and salt eating fast food. Get checked for Candida. Baron will have something to say re: 2sd brain/ gut and probiotics/prebiotics. After you understand what's driving the cravings you can create a proper diet. Lazyness re: preparing your own food will hinder any recovery. Health into middle, old age is a lifestyle that must be adapted or live in pain. You'll be in your mid 70's while your kids are still in college. Would be nice to not need a cane to walk with. If you change your nic to Marketslob I'll know you punked out.
    P.S. Candida is an example of a fungus that lives in the gut. It can overrun the good bacteria protecting the wall of the bowel, pierce the wall and cause "leaky gut syndrom". It then enters the blood stream and colonizes around the body. It thrives on sugar and creates cravings.
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  4. It's easy to lose weight and/or get in shape -- i don't understand why some people treat it like it's a divine miracle.

    The obvious one's first: Quit all sodas, fruit juices, candy, fast food, snacks.

    Greatly minimize carbohydrate intake. Potatoes, rice, breads, pasta, tortillas. (although whole grain bread is good for you, the exception)

    Eat baked chicken breast. or turkey meat. egg whites. fish for protein. and milk too. -- these are all high quality sources of protein.

    This is a big one too....instead of three main meals a day...divide that quantity into Six equally spaced portions, or mini-meals throughout the day.
    This is excellent for your metabolism to digest and process that food.

    This may seem high...but try to drink a gallon of water per day.

    and visit your local GNC...to learn all about the cool pills and potions that exists.

    That's it. that's the ...secret ...to being 'sexy' :confused: :)

    ...Oh, and i left out the concept of exercising too and eating fruits and vegetables...but this should be obvious.
    I would do 40% weights, 60% cardio. There's no point in having muscle, if it's all hidden under alot of skin/fat.

    And stop wearing cotton or wool thick pink and lighter easter colors...they make you look fat and bloaty.
    Wear black thin material airy stretchy shirts.
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  5. eurusdzn


    One food
    One pill
    One exercize
    for today.

    Buy a lot of fat free "vanilla" yogurt and a bag of walnuts and flaxseed.
    Use a serving for breakfast and for your evening snack replacing the junk you are eating now.(flavor with van extract and unsweetened dark cocoa powder if you want)

    Get a pro-biotic.

    Be more active. Use the stairs in the surf shack for exercize, several sets a day. Stairs up/elevator down if your knees are fragile.....Walk a mile or two on the beach with the stroller and the better half.
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  6. J.P.


    Listen marketsurfer, here's the tough love you need:

    Forget about a quick fix by eating this or not eating that. And take a break from posting drivel on this site. Then just pick your buttocks up off your chair, go outside and run around the block a few times. And if you can't muster the motivation to do that then hide you head in shame, STFU, take some time to evaluate the inner issue and, as you say, "align body with mind." Then try again.

    I know, tough love hurts. But it is very effective in narrowing your focus.
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  7. Interesting that nobody suggests that you should reduce the amount of alcohol you drink (in case you do drink alcohol). Just like eating too much sugar every day is alcohol also a cause for body fat.
  8. Re-read my second last paragraph above: "Also, alcohol in moderation (sorry surf, the partying days are over)."

    I have a feeling that bit too much "red" or a few too many brewskies might be consumed.
  9. I was told once a long time ago that successful trading is the same as successful lifting - once you get it, you get it. You're pretty much in maintenance the rest of your life from that point on, with small levels of progression. I've found this to be very true now having turned the corner on both (as at the time, I was only [relatively] good at lifting).

    I came across LeanGains several years ago and haven't looked back since. Martin is no bullshit and knows what he is doing. Why I suggest this to you Surf is because you're a very hedonistic person, and LG will serve that very well. I am the same way. When I eat, I eat. And, when I don't, I don't. LG gives you the tools to do this with wild success.

    I used to do this on the side (coach individuals wanting to lose weight / get fit / etc) while still trying to trade profitably and it ended up being a lot of fun. I'll shoot you an email.
  10. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    I only have one suggestion surf. Try to remove ONE THING from your diet this week, the one thing you KNOW is holding you back. Every individual knows what this is after thinking about it for a minute. Perhaps it's eating ice cream before bed, or pigging out on chips or pizza on the couch while watching TV at night. These are just examples of course. Every person is different, so you have to look at your own life and determine the one thing that needs to be removed the most, but here's the thing: You need to be almost 100% confident that it's something you can realistically remove.

    I worked with a woman recently and she was like you, at the end of her rope. After asking her the same question, she instantly said "Pasta".

    She was Italian, so I said, "So you're telling me you can go without spaghetti, and lasagna this week with 100% certainty?" She thought about it for a second, and said, "No, I don't know about 100%, maybe 70%." She saw that I didn't like her answer, so I said "How about something else? Something easier to cut out that you know you can do."

    She thought it for a second, and said, "Bread! I can cut out bread with no problem at all."

    So I told her, "Ok, cut out all bread this week and we'll talk again next week."

    She was like, "That's all I have to do." and I was like "Yep".

    "But what about running, working out with weights, and eating salads and grilled chicken and stuff."

    "Nope. I don't want you doing any of that. All I want you to do is cut out bread this week."

    When I saw her the next week, she was absolutely glowing. She said, "I haven't touched a piece of bread since the last time we spoke! I feel so accomplished!"

    I said, "Well, you should. And the reason why is because you made PROGRESS this week."

    And then I took her out for pizza. Talk about a mind fuck. She was like, "But I'm not allowed to have bread!" And I said, "Sure you are because you EARNED IT as a reward. Bread in itself isn't evil. It just can't be a part of your life every single day with every single meal. Consider this a special treat for a job well done. Each week you succeed in removing something, I want you to treat yourself one meal on the last day of that week."

    She was so damn motivated after that it was ridiculous. And so from there we discussed what we were going to pull out the following week. Rinse and repeat.

    The moral of the story here is that the key to lasting change is setting small weekly goals for yourself, things you know you can achieve. And as you achieve your first goal, you'll have the number one thing required for moving on to the next challenge, and that's CONFIDENCE.

    After a few months of this, you'll have removed over 12 bad habits that have been causing you weight gain and hindering your weight loss. Almost everyone experiences significant weight loss just by approaching the problem this way, and that's with never stepping foot in a gym.
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