Opinions please: What price for perhaps the worlds best trading system

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  1. Next year I will probably retire and I have more or less decided to release my secret trading method. It takes very complex analysis and reduces it down to a red or green bar signal on a colored line. I have never seen anything close to it because it predicts the future as well as tells you what is the current intent of PA and exactly where to enter and exit. It is close to always in.

    No thinking, a short learning curve and it will trade anything liquid on any time frame from 1 minute up to monthly charts.

    Someone with zero trading knowledge can treat it as a game and learn it in a few hours. A child could do it. I will guarantee that it works with a very high success rate, tight stops and long runs.

    It will predict and sit in trends and handle chop. It allows you to see the future S&R and what direction the pressure is in advance of PA so when that point is reached you are expecting a change of color and trade signal. Simple. No leaning candle signals, no trend lines, no intervention. Just watch it.

    I said in one of the threads I could turn a loser into a successful trader in a day but why should I. Well now I am probably going to make that a reality.

    My question is, assuming it was as I state and comes with a 100% guarantee refund, what would be a fair price?
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    Since it is so wonderful you must have already made all the money you could ever spend. So, why not give it away to 5 lucky traders?

    Or, write a short booklet and sell it. That's how many others do it.
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    How do you put a price on that….

    Not for what it is – but for what you’re suggesting

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  5. If you're at this point, why is money still your intent?

    What you have is "priceless."

    Money wouldn't respect what you have.
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    The holy grail does not exist and this is precisely what you are suggesting that you will put for sale.

    The fact that you are looking for money when that's pretty much what the so called holy grail does, make it, it's a huge contradictory statement that only fools would believe.

    In other words, taking my gentleman hat off, you sir, are full of shit.
  7. When I first started trading, I found the best method that I ever had. It produced 100% profit per month.

    It was a scalping technique and in one morning, I would make any where between 30 to 100 round turn trades. But then it wouldn't work anymore. Its worthless and I even explained it on ET. Have a look. Its free.
  8. I think you're too late!

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    You teach me the system. I will trade it and give a % of the profits.
  10. Great. I learned alot more about strawberries then I did about wizetrade. lol
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