Opinions Please--newbie would like feedback

Discussion in 'Trading' started by keithtrade, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. Symbol Qty Price Mkt Value
    CALP 2000 5.72 11,440.00
    SAPE 1000 7.09 7,090.00

    paid 5.74 calp 4/24/07
    paid 6.97 sape 4/24/07

    would realy like some opinions on my decision to get into these today. Im hoping to learn what i did wrong or right? what you think of these stock picks?anything, Im trying to learn. I have a 10 cent trailing stop loss on both. hoping for 6$ and 8$.

  2. heres the other chart
  3. I used vectorvest search picked ones that looked like thy could move, and put a bunch in my watch list, then today went through my watch list to see which ones were moving up, and were not overbought, I also looked if they were on the first day of a bounce off resistance.
  4. 10 cent trailing stop? That's like an intra-day stop.. That's a bit small for a position you intend to hold for a while.

    Then again, it is only a $6 stock so it is almost 2%.

    Still though, I'd rethink the stop, you don't want a small amount of fluctuation that doesn't actually signify a downtrend to get you stopped out.
  5. chrispy5


    Another (amateur) swing traders opinion:

    Sape looks like a nice trade, you got a good entry there after a pullback from a persistent uptrend.

    CALP -- not so much -- looks like its failing at the 50 day -- almost looks like the right shoulder of a head and shoulders, I'd expect this to fall to the 200 day. This is totally rangebound.

    Although just about everything looks good today...
  6. :mad:

    SAPE did great today, but I didnt, if you look at the intraday low, it knocked me out. at 7.06 which I still made 100$ but It closed at 7.30$:( ,
    Demoship you were right and I am so bummed:confused: @#$%^ I didnt dare get back into it.

    CALP I wimped out at 5.82$ which is allright but I kinda wanted to wait untill 6$ to get out, but I didnt want to wait overnight, not that I dont do that, but..I just felt good getting out on a positive not.
  7. This feeling doesnt make much sense, I made money today, but Im as mad as if I lost money, because I should have made more money:mad:

    Im shure everybody must go through this:)
  8. I bought 2000 acls at 7.75$ today, it closed at 7.68$confused: no stop, Im hoping it goes to 8$ in the near future, I think I consider myself a swing trader,but wandering if I should hold my stocks longer, longer I mean more than 1--3 days.:
    I think ill make mental stops at prices that go out of the short term trend maybe 10 days, so what would acls be?? opinions please