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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Gyles, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Gyles


    I would like to buy a good, cheap computer for trading purpose. I have heard a lot of "TigerDirect".

    Please give your opinions on this.
  2. Suggestion would be to avoid cheap computer, because that is the most important tool.

    One trade will win back cost of a good computer.
  3. I strongly recommend that you should replace your new computer power supply with named brand PSU.

    I have bought computers from tigerdirect. I think their price is attractive.
  4. DonKee


    I bought a pc from tiger and it works great, although i have added my own memory and additional video cards.

    here is my suggestion:

    1) DoNot buy one of their packaged systematics, unless it has everything you are looking for. These low priced packages are basically full of yesterdays' motherboards, video cards, memory, etc.

    2) Do buy a systematic if you can specify the processor, motherboards, memory, video cards, etc.

    These products are fine, but you need to know what your platform requires.

    I use Trade Station which takes a huge amount of processor speed and memory.

  5. Look over at eBay! :)
  6. Dont know about cheap computers but I have bought a lot of stuff from Tiger Direct and never had any problems. Very fast.
  7. Go to Dell's outlet and buy an Optiplex.
  8. some sites to explore:


    First two are geared for computer gamers and therefore know that they cannot offer crap. Get anything basic with Core 2 duo + 2 gig of RAM and 512 mg video card. (video card being optional, however, since it is only a $30 upgrade from 256mg I think it is worth it although not necessary). As formonitor 22" can be had for relatively small cost. Happy shopping and trading!
  9. Newegg.com is great, but limited on complete systems. It's primarily for AV and gamers.
  10. AC3


    Both Tiger Direct and NewEgg.com offer decent machines. FWIW take a look at the reviews for HP Machines and then scan CostCo & Sams Club to check out some of their specials. I just came back from CostCo and they were selling a beautiful HP machine with a 24" inch monitor for 1200. I realize this might be more then you want to pay however, they have many other models up and down the price scale.
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