Opinions on Red Options advisory service?

Discussion in 'Options' started by eldorado1, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. For 20$ a strategy should I give it go?
    At first I was considering their double Diagnol and iron condor advises as I have positive experience with these strategies but their weekly's strategy description looks interesting as well as it includes the use of various types of spreads.
    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Did you ask them for their results?

    I did a few years ago and it wasn't very impressive.
  3. I had their service free for a month. Their recommended trades were riskier than the ones I was making in each of the strategy areas. I let my free service expire without extending it with my credit card.

    You may, however find it fits your risk tolerance. See if they still offer the two strategies free for a month deal.
  4. newwurldmn


    Are there other services like this?
  5. Thank you both
    Indeed I asked them for past performance record on iron condor and double Diagnol, let's see if they improved in the meantime. But I guess it's to cheap to be good in the first place.
  6. Don't use price as your main criteria. I have found quite a bit of great stuff available for free. Some services to which I subscribed were great value for the price. And worse yet, some that cost hundreds of dollars a month were, in my opinion, junk.
  7. I try them back several years ago, it is not a bad one, cheap and reasonable subscriptions.

    The only drawback i knew is that sometime the filled that proposed by them is too good to be true, for example, they may claim that one of their SPY IC can be sold at $1.20, but I find I can only get it filled with $1.00 (excluded commissons), this things add up to your end profit/loss in each month. I know there have some kind of auto-trade thing offered by them with TOS but I never try it before.

    If you have $20 to spare each month, you should give them a try (they normally will give you $40 credit for the free trial). They at least are more reliable and trustable than most of "free IC trade recommendation" by the amatuer losers posted in ET boards :D
  8. Got their permormance sheet today by mail; sat back and was getting ready to see how I was going to versify my option trading.
    They sent me records on all strategies offered, I started reading and was pleased with what they did with collars YTD. I kept on reading and apparently all the strategies besides the collar are'nt working out so well for them, including iron condors and double doubles.

    Howard, would you kindly recommend a service you had positive experience with?