Opinions on New TWS Charting 911: Better or Worse

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Luto, Feb 18, 2011.

Better or Worse

  1. Better (Functions Better, new features)

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  2. Worse (Functions Worse, including bugs)

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  1. Luto


    IB rewrote a lot of this code.

    BEfore it was clunky but for the most part worked.

    Now they rewrote the code AND added new features.
    (or just glommed on a bunch of code, or both)

    Now it seems broken. Memory loss bug is the worst and overloads Java. The infamous 25% CPU usage across 2 cores; Java VM thrashes becauee the Heap (max VM) is exceeded, even at 1024Mb, the max. Occurs in both 64 and 32 bit java.
    Hitting other chart bugs too.

    IB if you are monitoring, please fix bugs in charts. IB Testers, testing charts is a target rich environment! Look for refresh events too, status bar updates etc. I bet there are several mem leaks, i.e. no garbage collection.

    The irony, is that IB charts were pretty good. They were getting better and better. If the current functionality gets debugged, the Charts in IB will be very good or better.

    I usually wait to upgrade and figuered 914.8 would be working, but seems buggy.

    What is your opinion? Have they gotten Better or Worse since build 911?

    Buggier or Better?

  2. Eight


    IB seems to be rather astoundingly bad at producing code... my chart package now has warnings not to upgrade to the latest TWS because they somehow broke the data feed...

    I saw a movie about a CIA scheme to keep their field operators on their toes: They would send out a squad to kill everybody in a randomly chosen office from time to time... hmmmm, would even that keep the TWS programmers on their toes? Maybe even that would not be enough...

    They write in Java, maybe there is something about that environment that prevents them from not breaking things, I don't know.. I thought we had Object Oriented stuff so that if somebody made a change it could not break somebody else's code? You'd think they could do SOMETHING so they wouldn't always have this continuing disaster...
  3. Bob111


    there is should be third option-i don't need the fucking charts,i'm not using them anyway. please provide light,solid EXECUTION platform and better execution,routing and cheaper commissions.

    pretty good compare to what? better an better? compare to what? the chart to me is the chart. that is. the best? if they look same,when compared to other sources and load fast. because they represent same data. so far-charts from TWS takes longer to load than charts from web page of bigcharts.com..
    try to open few charts in TWS, try to request T&S few times in row for different securities..first few may work fine ,but then-it's stuck and takes forever to display the data. sometimes TWS needs to be restarted. at same time third party applications,base d ON SAME DATA FROM SAME TWS doesn't have such problem. it's fucking 2011! not 1991...IB charts are pathetic and should be abandoned..
  4. Samsara



    Aint that the truth. The prop platform I used to trade on had the most elegant, simple order entry procedures. Hotkey opens OE dialog box, step up B/O with arrow keys, number keys auto adjust share size, ctrl-arrow increments with fine tuning, space bar transmits. Cancel all, cancel all for issue hotkeys, etc. It was lightning fast and fluid.

    The BookTrader window is tolerably responsive, but modifying any aspect of an order is painful.

    Regardless, they've got the scope of instruments down and are very accessible and secure. It's just there appears to be a huge philosophical gap between the brokerage service and the UI developers.
  5. BSAM


    Interactive Brokers: Great broker. Brokedown charts.

    Incredible, after all these years.