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  1. Hi guys I'm 23 years old and just graduated college . . . i got an interview with what I have heard/read to be a good options firm and am just going to ask a few simple questions . . . basically they said for the first 2 years i'm clerking making really bad money and having to get treated like shit . . . i guess i just want to know if you think this is a good opportunity and worth the 2 years of shit? I mean it obviously sounds like a good opportunity on the floor of NYBOT/NYMEX but I just want to be sure I'm doing the right thing.
  2. Nowhere in your note do you say what you are trying to DO with a career?

    What was your major?

    Is it your hope this will lead to a better job with the same firm?

    Are you hoping to trade on your own?

    Are you hoping to build up a wad and go with a prop shop?

    Are you trying to get in with an investment bank or Hedge Fund?

    My take:

    It is a job. Take it, build up some experience and some $$$. In the meantime, subscribe to all the major job sites:


    (look at TopJobSites as one place listing these job boards.)

    Set up the job alerts on those job boards to send to your email daily, the typed of jobs you are targeting next. Are you IT? Accounting? Finance? BBA? What?

    Keep educating yourself to assist with your future. Take more courses to get some solid skills. If money is tight, take courses at your local community college or state school that will strengthen your resume. Get certifications to build your credentials.

    A career is something you build. Many times, you start at the bottom. Make friends and contacts. Attend meetings in your field - make contacts. Learn what skills are needed by others in the industries you are targeting.....
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    eekkk, sounds like new college grad giving new college grad advice..
  4. snuggle if you think thats new advice then what do you think? Anyway yeh I do plan on moving to become a full time trader for the same firm . . . I understand having to pay your dues in whatever you do in life I just want to make sure this is a good start to a trading career? What do you guys think?

  5. eekkk, sounds like a moron who never made it TO college.

    Care to point out what the weakness is?

    I have several degrees, and > 15 years industry experience. I have hired and fired, interviewed and mentored. If you found this like new college grad advice, that is because you have zero clue about job hunting, getting references, building a career, gaining experience, interning, networking, starting out from school, etc.

    I tried to give very focused advice. You gave nothing but snide remarks. How have you helped this individual?

    What do you do, clean toilets at Burger King with your tongue?

    Sorry I tried to help, TraderAlert. Good luck in your pursuits. I am done with this thread.
  6. traderzones . . . i don't know why you're taking this out on me haha i didn't do anything but answer your questions to me?
  7. The post was directed to snuggle-turkey
  8. It depends on many things, what you want, if you went to the right college, where do you want this to lead, etc.

    Floor trading is a dying profession, not a growth area, but you can still get valuable experience on the floor. I learned a lot as a market maker, but don't expect any major house or hedge fund to give much credence to floor work. Most good trading jobs are obtained through connections, so this job may get you exposure to insiders that you would not get somewhere else.

    Where does the job lead? Will you be an option market maker on the floor, upstairs, or something else?
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    sorry, point made..

    i am degreed twice... my career is built on relationships..

    just seems like a tough question to give a basic answer..

    its really in the eye of the beholder...

    he needs some introspection... where does he need/want to go..

    forums wont answer that..



    pretty tough, threw me off on that one..:)
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    In law is a fund co-manager w/ a MAJOR firm..

    degreed, honors, president of frat..etc.. etc..

    started in the mail room after college..

    10years later.. we'll see above


    side note.. i dont see anyone being a floor trader w/o some serious inside connections/relationships..

    my 2 :eek:
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