Opinions on Esignal??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ron2368, Mar 18, 2001.

  1. Ken_DTU


    The base price includes 50 symbols, you can choose any 50 you wish of course... it's not a lot extra for an additional 50 or whatever you want to track ... ($50/mo?) something nominal.

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  2. elie


    50 Symbols package = 99$
    another 50 symbols, they ask aditional 25$.
    the confusing thing is that if You pay monthly and You want to add the level2 it will cost You another 50$ per month, but if You pay one year in advance they dont take the 50$for level2 and the 99$ is only 79$. a good deal if somebody likes esignal.
    I am testing it right now, and the data feed is very good, but the charting features are terrible,IMHO.
    I took a trial from http://www.linnsoft.com for charting to work with esignal.

    best of luck

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  3. warlad


    Thanks Ken for the advice. Although I'm new to eSignal, I do agree with elie that the charting had alot to improve. But then again, at that price, I wonder which vendor can provide good data feed plus wonderful charting capabilities ?

    I'm also presently daytrading Nasdaq futures using Interactive Brokers and wonder anyone here had written to IB to ask them to provide a data feed vendor that will entitle us to a discount in the subcription price.

    I wonder if there is any special arrangement such that if a trader daytrade with certain volume, they will be given some soft dollar a month to pay for any data feed vendor or finacial services they choose ?
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  4. mjt


    Does Signal's charting continue during the after hours session?
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  5. Zarrar



    Signal's charting continues on into the after hours. It even has weekend charts, but you won't see much action during midnights or weekends for most stocks that are used for intraday trading. But you will see price movement well beyond the trading day.
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  6. Zarrar


    By the way, I found using a combination of QCharts and Esignal together. QCharts offers market analysis as to which stocks are the biggest losers, winners, most volatile, largest range producers, new yearly lows, highs, and so much more. QCharts allow to you know whats going on make your move. Where QCharts leaves off is where Esignal picks up. ESignal allows you to see the actual bid/ask prices on a tick chart. The importance of this bid/ask on a chart is that you not only see the price at which a stock is being traded, but the bid/ask price that is available.

    Understand that the price on most trades falls outside the range of the bid/ask and therefore a chart that appeats to have a fast trend might really just be false because the bid/ask prices have not moved as abruptly as the trades.

    In short, Esignal allows you to see what price you could place a trade precisely without squinting for Level II windows. In my experience, this setup of QCharts and Esignal are very good. You can't trade with QCharts, and you can't get market analysis with Esignal. Thanks for reading.
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  7. mindgame


    Dude... Is there a site that explains this... Its new information for me... many thanks :)
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  8. Zarrar



    Unfortunately there is no site that explains this, so I will upload a two screeen shots and explain what i mean. Its fairly simple, but words can't explain it alone. Give me a day or so. Thanks.
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  9. xll


    What action do you see at midnight and on weekends?
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  10. Zarrar


    On the weekends and midnights, if something does take place you will see it. Understand that after hours and weekend, the rules of trading change, there is less liquidity. But for the most part I have seen certain stocks show changes during midnight and over the weekend, most stocks however do not trade during these times.
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