Opinions on Esignal??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ron2368, Mar 18, 2001.

  1. Ken_DTU


    Hi Ed, yes it took me close to a year to "turn the corner"...

    and sure, get at least 2-3 monitors from the start, helps, I like the viewsonics and/or sonys, eg I use several E400 sonys, the A90 viewsonics, terrific... easy to do multimonitor..

    also, win2k is a lot more stable and better at memory use than win98 is, night and day... eg win2k has never crashed on me, win98 always did..

    good trading,

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  2. Dustin


    Not going to make friends around here talking like that! 3/4 point on BRCD, AMAT or VTSS is no different from 3/4s on JNPR.

    Ed, check this link for my three monitor setup using w98. I use the E400's that Ken recommended.

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  3. ron2368


    Since I started this, here I go. I did get an esignal trial. I dont like the software compared to Qcharts but I can learn it. BUT

    No way of knowing if quotes are slow. If the server is behind you will never know it.

    Big problems refreshing charts. If you have a 60 min chart and log on say 10:20 est, that bar will not accurately reflect the days high and low. Refresh will not help. If you change your days charted or add premarket it will correct. This does not happen to new charts only saved ones.

    I think esignal has serious charting issues.

    I am going to play with it more, but at this point I am not impressed.
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  4. mindgame


    hey ken,
    If it is possible could you share with us the criteria your group uses to identify what is good and what isn't. If the stock screening method is outlined in one of your courses can you atleast refer to its module... yes i'm a member :) but i must have missed the section of how to choose... CIEN is my primary bread and butter... :) (DUMB MONEY) :)

    Back to ron2368...

    This is why i run cybercorps, esignal, and medved's quotetracker on different computers... A quick way to do some quality control. If all 3 sites have different values, i stay out... If in sync, all is good... communication wises...

    Just as a note... to let you know that i did find a quote lagger.. I evaluated falconeye for 3 months (i liked its pretty graphs), during that time falconeye using hyperfeed2000 was a terrible lagger.

    Their quotes would be anywhere from 7 - 14 seconds behind my 3 standard sites.. I've emailed falcon and inquired if they have plans to write a program to interface with esignal, response was they will be sticking only to hyperfeed. BAD MOVE!!!

    I suspect that the lagg is attributed to their system computing everything on their end and then passing the results to their clients java page of the results...

    Anyways... If timming of quotes is CRITICAL, get quotetracker and choose from a list of vendors that you can interface with and spot check the level I info. Just asking someone if as vendor is fast, without comparing them on your system is not wise... The Hops and lagg between esignal from your location will be greatly different from mind. Thats why you need to do the TEST your self...

    Who know... maybe falconeye was just to far away from me and is excellent to everyone else... (gots me thinking now)!!

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  5. tc


    hello guys:

    Anyone here use "Window on wall street" for qoute and level II.
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  6. Ken_DTU


    Good luck to all... interesting times we're trading...
    rationale for avoiding jnpr/cien is that they tend to be overtraded by "the crowd" (eg like brcd rmbs lately) and have 1/2 point 'wiggles', which is too high a risk for the type of close trading I like to have my folks learn on.
    Also, amateur rooms try to post calls in them, bad news imo.
    Trade away from the crowd.

    Personal favorites are chips and biotechs lately, eg LLTC KLAC VTSS XLNX ALTR and HGSI MLNM AMGN BGEN .. also others.

    esignal overall has been great to use.. if anyone has a more powerful, precise data vendor that also allows up to 12 Level 2 boxes and 40+ charts like I use, let me know about it.. always looking for the next set o power tools here.

    Favorite scanners? The esignal one is so-so, has anyone used both sortwiz and the esignal scanner? comparisons?

    Interesting note - we are seeing a whole lot Fewer large (8-15%) premarket gaps lately, compared w/'98-'00.. anyone have any ideas why? maybe the mm's have gotten wise to our "fade the gap w/the mm" plays lol.

    Good trading,

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  7. Zarrar


    I've been using Esignal for over six months without any problems at all. I agree that it could use many enhancements, but for strict day traders it has something that the other charts programs do not: It allows you to view the bdi/ask prices in the tick chart view. This is of significant importance because the price a trade is executed at is often outside the bid/ask zone. In a chart that does not show the bid/ask it becomes difficult to know where the actual zone for the bid/ask are. As a result you are looking at a chart that shows only the trades, and not necessarily the best price for you. I find this feature very useful. Especially when emotional factors like news might propel market orders which on trade-only chart look like the price is moving up or down, when in reality the bid/ask price is quite different from the actual chart. You might think a trend is taking place, when it is not. The related feature I find useful is to zoom in on a tiny section of the chart and see the relationship between the bid/ask and the trades to determine where one can set a price for execution. Hope this helps.
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  8. warlad


    Hi, I had just subscribe to eSignal and find that system hanged often when I log into eSignal. I'm using a AMD Duron 900 with 256 mb RAM. I wonder anyone here with the same setup had the same problems ?

    Thanks !
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  9. Ken_DTU


    Warlad, yes - esignal is memory-intensive, I found my old win98 system would hang if I tried to use many (eg over 40 charts) on my multimonitor rig.

    A Huge improvement is to simply go with Windows 2000. One of my traders recommended it, and it's terrific. :)

    Esignal on w2K is a super platform, I can now run this 6 monitor setup plus a browser plus my cyber trading software all without getting close to the system resource cap:


    That was impossible with win98... so, although it's a hassle to upgrade to a new OS, it's well worth it, I would've done it much earlier if I had known. Running a P3 850 w/512 megs ram here.

    eSignal is a superb trading platform, I wouldn't daytrade without it. I especially like the fact that you can see premarket charts, this is unavailable in rtIII from what I hear (still right?).

    I set my timeframe from 8:30am til noon, for closeup esignal charts, to see what's going on in the premarket, re gaps and trends. Critical info to have...

    Good trading,


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  10. mjt


    I'm a little confused about pricing with esginal. I haven't been to their website in a while, but I remember something about the pricing only including 50 symbols or something, and then if you wanted more symbols it was extra (like a lot extra.) Does that mean I would only have access to 50 stocks? So if I wanted information for something besides something big like DELL or CSCO, I couldn't get it? Or does that mean I could only look at 50 stocks at a time in a market minder?
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