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  1. ron2368


    I use qcharts now and I am just about sick of it. For months it has gotten worse, particularly the first and last 45 min of trading. I am checking out esignal and it looks to be a good/better alternative. I have had satellite service with dbc a few years ago and dont generally like to do business with them but I am willing to try again. I have dial up available to me and nothing better right now. I have checked out DTN and a few others. Considering tradestation pro also.

    I really dont want or need to go direct access like watley or MBT. Any comments or advice appreciated.
  2. Ken_DTU


    Hi - I recommend esignal highly to all my traders, here's a screencap of my current 6-monitor esignal professional trading setup:
    http://www.Daytrading-University.com/6mon.gif scroll to the right to see more etc..

    hope that helps,

  3. ron2368



    Thanks. I will do a trial of esignal this week. I am especially interested in the first 30 min of trading. I am more of a swing trader and dont like to get forced out of a position during the opening havoc, but with Qcharts I am often getting greatly delayed data sometimes over a minute, which frightens me.

  4. Ken_DTU


    yes.... realtime up to the second data is critical, if you don't have it, then don't trade... eg try out the vendors etc out there... also for premkt trading be sure to have the open isld java book... its the only montage that counts premkt... esignal, set your charts to start at 8:30 or so, I trade the open primarily, so my charts are 1/2 day interval, eg 1-min candlestick from 8:30 am til 11:30 am.. most trading is done from 9:40 til 11..

    good luck..

  5. ron, i do not know how esignal is working out for ken...but i can give you my recent experience with them...i ordered esignal about a month and a half ago..the salesman was polite and seemed at the time like he was very intested in having me as a customer..the first week things were good..then come the first weekend and i realized i couldnt bring up any charts on the friday before! i let it go thinking it was probably a glitch or something. then the next weekend, same thing..then the next and the next and every weekend since. now the charts durning the week are good and accurate..but if you like to study charts on the weekend i do not reccomend esignal! I have emailed them about the problem and they say "were working on it" ..that was 3 weeks ago and still no weekend charts! NOW..to add insult to injury i get a bill in the mail tell me esignal service is going up another $20 a month..i called my salesman and got an attitude! so basiclly there charging me an extra 20 bucks a month for a service thats only good 5 days a week...bottom line is the service is good mon. through fri. but if you want to study charts on the weekend , i wouldnt reccomend esignal!
  6. DtSec


    Quicken is selling an interesting feed with everything you need at an unbeatable price.

    Their feed is a sp comstock feed.

    Check here: http://qql.quicken.com/pricing

  7. Ken_DTU


    You have to have the right tool for the job.... esignal is designed for those of us who are professional daytraders.

    Eg does quicken or others allow up to 8 level 2 boxes? Can you do a nice multimonitor display like this one:
    http://www.Daytrading-University.com/6mon.gif ??

    Daytraders dont need or want weekend charts, whatever those are for.

    We use realtime closely-watched high precision charts, level 2 and time & sales displays on pro multimonitor setups.

    If you're not a daytrader, then you probably don't need the power of an esignal-type package. If you are, you do.

    Ken Calhoun, DTU
  8. basiclly..the weekend charts im telling you you dont get on esignal are the friday charts from that week! so if for instance its saturday or sunday and you want to look at last weeks charts to see what looks good for the coming week..then you wont get fridays chart on esignal, only mon. -thurs...at least until the get the programming fixed..so like i said , mon. through fri. the charts are great.. but if you plan on looking at any charts over the weekend you might want to look elsewhere.. and some of us daytrades do look at charts over the wekend to scout stocks that might be good plays for the upcoming week.. maybe ken doesnt need to, but he isnt the only day trader there is......
  9. Ken_DTU


    Hi John, I agree re: no friday data... strange bug... don't know why they do this... I've found it will pop up eventually, if you leave the window open for a few minutes, but that's too slow... agree that's a bug that needs fixing.. eg if you're trying to do your trade research for the next day, as I use the previous day's chart... especially if you're looking at 3-5 or 10 day charts etc, where's Friday? missing friday..they need to fix it agree..good point..

  10. ron2368


    Thanks all. It cant hurt to give esignal a try. I mostly prep using daily charts on weekends and use supercharts with a different data source(cleaner data).Quicken charting has fixed time frames , a no-go for me. I think all the internet based services have their problems. My main concern is the data lag in qcharts.

    I have dealt with DBC,cqg,futuresource, but DBC in my opinion is the worst company of them all. Their sign up for esignal is a tad misleading, I think they want it that way to drive you to the most $$ service. Their yearly contracts #####.

    Qcharts has an excellent software package but it is one poorly functioning company. They seem powerless to fix their server based problems. I would bet on DBC fixing their charting months before Qcharts.

    So I will do a month with esignal and run Qcharts too. Worst one that doesnt suit my needs goes. thanks again
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