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  1. I use Briefing.com's platinum service for real time news. I would appreciate some feedback on how this service compares to some of the more expensive services such as Reuter's, etc. with respect to being timely and thorough in reporting.

    Thank you.

  2. Truff


    For the $, i found briefing to be very good
  3. I use the platinum service too, and used to use reuters. Briefing is actually much <b>better</b> than reuters despite the lower price. Reason: Reuters news is way too cluttered with news items no trader cares about, while briefing is great at getting to the point.
  4. reg


    How does briefing.com compare to flyonthewall? Does one relay stock news faster than the other?
  5. Briefing covers more news on stocks that matter while FOTW is cluttered with any and all sorts of down/up-grades and news pending of each and every stock imaginable.

    I found one is faster with something, and sometimes the other is faster with something. The edge goes to FOTW for posting critical earnings announcements.

    Just a personal opinion.
  6. Mr Guest

    Mr Guest

    The main benefit of Briefing.com is that they subscribe to all the news services and regurgitate the juicy stuff. This saves you time and money. However, don't expect to get the story first. It works great as a supplement to a real news source like DowJones or Reuters.
  7. reg


    Ripley and Mr. Guest,

    Thanks for your replies. I'll sign up for Briefing's free trial and compare.
  8. WinSum


    I'm curious on how one would use Briefing.com to make money ?

    For example, if you enter trades based on Briefing.com's upgrade/downgrade news, wouldn't it be too late ?

    The price of the stock would've already moved before the you received the upgrade/downgrade notice. There would be no edge provided by Briefing.com's service.

  9. reg


    I don't use Briefing.com as my basis to enter trades. I use it more as a confirmation tool.
  10. Bob111


    i compared briefing platinum and fly about year ago on upgrades\downgrades briefing way way slower than fly. delays can be as much as 2-3 hours after fly come up with news.
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