Opinions about live trading seminars/courses, please!

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by piyayo, Sep 26, 2008.

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    Any of you has taken any live tradign seminar?. Not a beginers one, just an advanced seminar with real trading, advanced trading.

    Futures or stocks? I will appreciate your experience, as I´m willing to find something for me. But as I already know the basics I´m looking for a good course in which I can learn something that I can´t find on books.

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    I looked into them before, most seem to be BS. As they say- if you can't do, teach. If any of these guys could actually trade they would be making money trading, not trying to sell seminars.
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  4. I learned alot from Investools. They're legit. Expensive, but legit. They will try to sell you on other courses, so just go for what you need. Superior tools, excellent training. Worked for me.
  5. for suckers
  6. Nothing wrong with visiting the orchards from which the ripest fruit is so often picked by experienced hands.
  7. experience = trading and WINNING trading at that not just pontificating BS .
  8. MoneyShow sponsors the TradersExpo in three locations around the US. In order of diversity they are: Las Vegas, NYC and the west coast outside of LA.

    The hotest and most skilled traders hang out in Vegas with some exceptions.

    You want a live tradign seminar. In the past there were a couple at TradersExpo and the action was terrific. All of the seminar's had a weakness, however. As usual, the moderators didn't know didily and it was very humorous for the audience if you knew how to trade at a fairly good level.

    At the Vegas show the live trading is usually through lunchtime but this year they have a few cyber cafes running BUT no talent in the cafes.

    In past years but no longer, they had really rousing sessions by people who were named: "Great Traders You have Never Heard of". These guys were terrific and they were not trading live (which you want) BUT they were answering Q's that they had lunch before to prepare for the moderator. Again the moderator (Chairman of TradersExpo) didn't know how to engage the panelists. BUT the panelists all knew each other and they just ran with the show and the moderator dropped into the background.

    As you would guess these types of people do not frequent TradersExpo after one experience like that. There are a couple of exceptions.

    Anyone who is wanting "advanced trading" would like how one expert could tear a new one for another expert in those sessions.

    The exhibit area always has booths that have sharp traders there. With three exceptions these traders are standing on the outside of the booths and not on the inside.

    Off site in Vegas is a gold mine. Some locals do participate in the Traders Expo and they always have their programmers present. The ones that do not come on site are there offsite and several have great training ops for the public or for the "right" people.

    I average four yellow pads of notes per conference and I luck out with offers.

    In four days, you can get more than you can understand coming from the situation you state you are in. your problem is that you do not know what you want and that makes it hard to know how to get what you want. This isn't going to change for you or most people.

    I have a way of connecting to two things: information and money. You just want the next set of information that is beyond where you say you are. A live trading seminar is not what you need but it is what you want.

    There is one person who will be at the Traders Expo who's used books sell for more than they did when they were published. He went to a University where Chinese was spoken after being a US high school drop out. There is another person who will be there who trained staff before GS became GS and JPM became JPM. He makes charts using a pencil everyday before open.

    There is no more of "great traders you have never met" because that is being replaced (watered down) with a panel of traders who won the October trading contest being run now before the Expo.

    Nowadays, and you will learn this, platforms replay everything at any pace you desire.

    By hitting TOS you get to meet Tom and he carries a roll of drink tickets. At Blocks you get to meet chris and he can drag and drop anything your imagination could every come up with. If you are good at it, they will run your stuff twice to be sure they didn't make a mistake when your stuff is better than anything they ever saw. It will get you a lot of discs too (for all your friends). go to ninja, they won't give you a card cause they run out fast. Now you have had three live trading seminars one on one as long as you make it worth their while and free drinks for days from Tom.

    How do you get advanced training from the two great traders who will be there? Pay money gets you through the door. But they are dealing with people like you in the rooms they occupy. You believe you know something and you don't want to be bored with stuff that is in books. You have to change the seminars to get what you want. That is what people do at Traders Expo. You have 50 days or so to get your act together to make that possible.

    What? and How? These guys are looking for an excuse to unload on the participants. To make the seminars really hot and informative and get down to where the rubber meets the road.

    After every session at Traders Expo something happens. Are you going to be part of that? Speakers and presenters want to go where the action is and they get momentarily mobbed with bullsh*tters who want to say their pieces. After that what? What do people who know whats going on do? Where do they go? Where do the rich traders go? What do these two subgroups do and for how long?

    Live trading takes place at a rate of four times the speed of talking. Is that what you want to go see and miss out on the trading of the day? Do you want to hear highlights of what happened? Do you want to miss 3/4's of the action? What gives you all of the action?

    Hubert and Sentors give away a set of CD's that sell for 2500 bucks. Why did they give one set to me (Vegas, if anyone was there)? The sweet young thing sitting next to me was so appreciative.

    Maybe you will be lucky and connect at a conference. Who are you looking for? Better still, who's looking for you? Why?

    For 50 or so days, with regard to the Traders Expo, you have to get to the place where people want to give you information and money. Check out ET's forums, do you see anyone who needs information and money?