Opinion Wanted: MyTrack plaform

Discussion in 'Options' started by AspenTrader, Oct 26, 2001.

  1. If you are using or have used MyTrack trading plaform, would you please share your opinions with me? I am thinking about opening an account with MyTrack.com and use their platform.

    Any advices will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Great for swingtrading, not too good for daytrading ... for daytrading you gotta have a hardcore platform like MB Trading.
  3. tuna


    I've been using them for about 8 months,I'm happy with it but haven't used the likes of IB or Cyber.
    No failures/downtime with them at all.
    What you see on the simulator is what u get.
    Good service from them.
    One thing i did find tho is the platform is resource hungry with win98 that was a problem but after changing to win2000pro it got rid of those problems anyhow.10/10 from me so far
  4. i used mytrack for a couple of months last year.. for the most part their software worked well enough but there was an error with my account.. somehow they routed a couple of my orders to two exchanges (knight and NYSE).. since i am always flat at the end of the day, the next morning i called to see if i really owned the stock or if it was a mistake.. the rep on the phone couldnt tell me.. all he could say was that i was responsible for any losses should the stock decline in value if the stock was in my account.. he said that if i sold the stock (it was basically unchanged at this point) and it turned out to be a mistake, then i would be net short.. so.. i waited for them to check.. the stock initially started going against me so i called again that afternoon.. no one knew anything.. the next day, no one knows.. finally, the following day, they take the stock from my account.. i call to find out what happened.. turns out the stock WAS in my account, but since it was showing almost 11k profit, they decided to remove it from my account and put it in their house "error" account.. that pissed me off because if the stock had declined in value, they made it very clear that i would be responsible.. so, the next day i log in.. im missing 60k from my account.. i call the help desk.. no one knows what the problem is.. turns out, they just took the stock out of my account without crediting me with my money that was used to purchase the stock.. a week goes by.. they are "researching" it.. totally pissed off, i call their new clearing firm and raise hell.. this embarrases them and one of their VP's call me.. a few days later they put the 60k back in my account.. i told them i was leaving and they offered me "an extended time" of free commissions to compensate for the "trouble".. frankly, i recommend that you avoid these people.. they arent cheaper than anyone else.. their software isnt better than anyone else.. their customer service isnt better than anyone else.. and if you have a problem you have to raise hell to get anything done.. youre better off with cybertrader or interactivebrokers..

  5. It's a horrific story ! You can't sue someone over this ??? This
    is fu**d up !!!! Oj is free second time and brokers can steal
    with impunity !!!! What's next, Osama will do Tonight show with
    Letterman >>>
  6. thats what arbitration is for.. but it would be more hassle that its worth to hire an attorney to sue over 11k.. brokers have tremendous legal advantages.. i can at least count myself fortunate that the stock did not decline in value..

    actually, i think OJ and Osama have alot in common.. they are both slipperry little bastards and they both drive a white bronco.. =)

  7. AspenTrader,

    I had myTrack and Datek. I closed both of the accounts there. Right now I use only IB. I noticed that when my order was routed to ISLD via myTrack, I couldn't use decimals. It could only come in 1/8, 1/16, etc. That is to say, I couldn't buy a stock at __.13 with the intent of getting ahead of those orders with __1/8. But I could do that if I placed my order with Datek--which is almost the same as ISLD. In any case, that was when stocks first started to decimalize. I don't know if things are different now.

    Regarding order fills, they were usually very fast, and the system was more reliable than Datek. But remember that it's been quite a while, so things might have changed. I quit because the commissions were high--compared to IB, of course.

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    guys, can you use myTracks software WITHOUT opening the acct? Id like to use it but my broker is IB.