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  1. Just wanted to see what fellow ET'ers thought about SIRI as a long term position trade?


  2. pos is doomed to go broke in the long term but it has a sexy story so will be tradeable on every hype news release. i think xmsr at least has a chance of making it with gm behind them.
  3. XMSR is eating there lunch according to the research report I read a few months back. My guess is XMSR eventually takes them out, not sure if they would pay a premium or not though.

    xmsr leaps might be worth a look if you really believe in Sat radio. Would be an easy way to play the sector longer term, not tie up much capital and roll the dice.

  4. why would you buy leaps on a $6 stock. may as well just buy the stock.
    the leap would cost a high % of the stock price on something that low priced.
  5. From today's news, Mercedes-Benz is going to be offering Sirius in the 2004 model lineup, and that's the main reason I even bothered looking at SIRI. If this deal with Benz goes well, then Chrysler could offer Sirius in their other divisions as well, which would make this a worthwhile investment.

    Any thoughts?
  6. OK...will not be going long on SIRI. Doesn't look as good as I thought.
  7. How? It is a lose-lose play.
  8. prox


    I don't know what the fundamentals are, but I don't see anything that would warrant an entry either in either direction.

    You can do better with something else.
  9. Did you read the whole post? That's exactly why I decided not to enter a position on SIRI in either direction.
  10. Well directional or non-directional, buy or sell, call or put, and most complex combinations, they do not matter but all lose-lose. You are at disadvantage since the beginning. Your chance is not even closely as high as 50% but far below. Take my advice. Do not waste your leisure time and money in options. If you want to experiment and learn it, that is fine. If you want to bet on the underlying, it is also fine. But forget about betting on options with the wishful thinking that you may make a home run AND/OR make consistent profit. Good luck.

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