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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by WinSum, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. WinSum


    Any opinion on QuoteTrader ?

    QuoteTrader was an advertiser on ET, so I downloaded their software to check it out.

    After registering and installing the software, it was a dud for me. None of the features was enable. Couldn't bring up a chart or a order entry screen. It couldn't connect to my broker.

    Anyone have success using this software ?
  2. Hi WinSum,

    Thank you for your post, and for registering and installing QuoteTrader. Feedback from clients like yourself, have resulted in the following support channels - please let us know if they assist in improving the process of getting started.

    1. Weekly live, online training (this week: QT's FREE Charting).
    To attend, please visit http://esignal.acrobat.com/r47733452/ at 1:30 pt, 4:30 et, Monday, July 30th

    2. Online video library of recorded demonstrations of how to configure QuoteTrader to one's broker, and use and interpret QuoteTrader's FREE charting, trade and order management tools
    View Now!

    3. email for prompt, solution-oriented responses - including 1-on-1 product demonstrations

    4. Raging Bull - Quote.com's online support forum for QuoteTrader

    Again, thank you for trying QuoteTrader, and providing feedback on your experience.
    Please consider one of the above mentioned resources, and contact me if I can assist in any way.


    QuoteTrader Product Management
  3. WinSum


    Thank you Brent for the Raging Bull tech support link and the youtube instructional video link.

    I was too late and missed the webinar. I will attend the next one.
  4. WinSum


    I was able to get my QuoteTrader working.

    The resource links are very helpful especially the instructional videos on youtube.

    It is a very nice software. I will recommend it on my broker's web forum this weekend.