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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by cas, Dec 30, 2002.

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    I posted this on IB's msgs board....but since people here use IB for OpeningOrders, I thought I'd post it here as well.....need to get IB to fix this:


    on the 784.6 build, now I get a pop-up msg when an OPG order cancels....and I have to click it off before I can do anything in the TWS. ...ok if you do a few OPG...but I do alot. I spent the first few minutes of the mkt clicking that stupid pop-up. The pop-up says "order rejected" when the OPG order cancels on no fill. I sent an e-mail to IB..and all they said was that was the reply from the exchange when the order cancels....I understand that..but I don't need a pop-up to let me know..that's what the color coded status is for. This just is annoying. This is a new issue, it has never happened before I went to this build. I love IB, but man do I hate upgrading TWS, it always seems to introduce new problems.
  2. it happens to me too. i thought it was just one stock causing it but im not sure.i only get the popup once.
  3. I get quite a few of those also...

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    I send 30-40 orders every day. I never got the pop-up until I went to the newer build....but it is when the OPG turns red. Very annoying...and what is the point? I can see the order cancelled...and know why (because it was out of the price range) The only way we are going to get rid of this is to ask IB.

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    I'll pass your comment to the programmer. It may take a release or two to address.

    If you don't like to upgrade, save your older version when you upgrade and you can always roll back. Lots of great features have and are coming out which you'll miss.

    FYI, the beta releast 785 has:
    - more interactive analytics (for options)
    - you'll be able to cut/copy/paste tickers from one page to another
    - IOC support
    - option chain enhancements and some hidden bugs/backend things that have been fixed or upgraded.
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    def, [sorry to the poster of this thread]

    Whatever happened to figuring out if Indications are/are not supported?

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    the reply is greatly appreciated. Even if a check-box to turn on/off the pop-up was added....if IB really wants to have these type of pop-ups even happen, would work for me. I always do upgrade...for the very reason you state..newer/better features.

    Now..the short-term question.....how can I go back to the 7.83 builds?


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    I was told they should be available. can you PM me with your base currency, and where you trade from.

    from the browser you can trade with 783. http://www.interactivebrokers.com/cgi-bin/login_tws_browser.pl

    also i think on the yahoo API users group links are available for downloads (i haven't checked that site in ages so I don't know).
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    rec'd feedback that the pop ups on the oo's will be changed to your liking.
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    What about I-n-d-i-c-a-t-i-o-n-s ?

    nitro :(
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