"Operation Weback"

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    Eisenhower deported 1.2 million illegal immigrants with 750 agents, back in 1954. This flies in the face of every bureaucrat, politician and homeland security troll who claim it "impossible" to round up and deport the bulk of todays illegals...with an ICE force 26 TIMES larger than Ikes.

    On June 17, 1954, under the direction of President Eisenhower, Immigration and Nationalization Service (INS) began a roundup of illegal immigrants for deportation in what became known as “Operation Wetback.” The roundup initially began in California and Arizona but eventually spread to Texas, Utah , Nevada and Idaho. By the end of the next month, more than 50,000 illegal immigrants had been arrested between California and Arizona. In Texas, 80,000 illegal immigrants had been taken into custody in under two months with an estimated 500,000 to 700,000 leaving the state voluntarily or ‘self-deporting.’

    Rather than being let go on the other side of the border like we do today, the illegal immigrants were sent back to Mexico on WWII-era army vehicles into the interior of Mexico. They were also ferried back to Mexico by ship from Port Isabel, Texas, to Veracruz, Mexico.

    With only 750 federal agents, compared to the reported 20,000 agents we have today, the INS removed 1.3 million illegal immigrants (including those who self-deported) in just three months.

  2. "WETBACK" LOL! my my how the good ol' USA has changed (and not for the better)
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    There is no doubt illegals could be rounded up and deported en mass. Obama and previous presidents and congress just won't do it.
  4. Force doesn't have to be used to deport illegals,just pass laws that make them leave voluntarily and not want to come here in the first place

    Pass a law that says illegals have a grace period of 6 months to leave .After 6 months any illegal caught in the US automatically has a 20 year jail sentence.They would be leaving The US faster then people running out of a burning building

    I do not support throwing every illegal out of the country,just saying how it could be done easily
  5. Interesting history of 'Use them and lose them' regarding Mexican immigrants:

    World War I and The Great Depression
    During World War I, there was a great need for labor, as America was sending 150,000 troops a month to serve in Europe. To meet the labor needs, immigration quotas for Mexico were ignored. Labor recruiters were bringing in Mexican labors to keep the American economy afloat. But when the war was over and the Depression hit, it was a different story.

    The first mass deportation occurred during The Great Depression, when Mexican and Mexican American, along with African Americas and other minorities were the targets of America’s woes. The anti-immigrant hysteria led to the mass deportation of roughly 300,000 Mexican workers and their families, many of them also included US born children.

    Over the next 10 years, the Mexican population in the US dropped by 40%. Twelve states – Colorado, Illinois, Idaho, Kansas, Michigan, Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming – all lost over half of its Mexican population, while Indiana lost three-fourths.

    and -

    The [tag]Bracero Program[/tag] and [tag]Operation Wetback[/tag]
    In August 1942, the US was in another war. To meet the labor demands, the US and Mexico created the Bracero program which brought an estimated 4 or 5 million Mexican nationals to work in the US. But once the War was over, it was time to send them back home. The US war against North Korea in 1950 sparked another labor shortage, like the Great Depression, caused a backlash and led to Operation Wetback, one of the worst reactionary US policies against Mexican people in the US.

    The second wave of mass deportations of Mexican workers and their families occurred at the end of the Korean War. Under the command of retired General Joseph Swing, commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service ([tag]INS[/tag]) under President Eisenhower, Gen. Swing conducted a military campaign to roundup and deport all Mexican migrants. It is difficult to estimate how many Mexicans were deported, but the INS claimed over 1,000,000, five times as many immigrants as were deported during the Great Depression.

    It looks as if history does repeat itself. Will the US continue opening it’s doors when it is in search of cheap labor, but throw them out whenever there is a problem.


    Turning our heads to the 'illegal' part when it serves us, it seems as well.

  6. you are missing one important fact. employers want illegal immigration. cheap labor.
    pass a law that says the employer gets deported or go to jail and the problem will be fixed overnight.
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    I'm all for it. The "guns and butter" policy of the last decade was really financed with cheap overseas imports and illegal immigration, which kept a lid on domestic inflation while the Government ran astronomical deficits to fight the War on Terror. Now, offshoring and illegal immigration reached a sort of apex, and the deflationary benefits gained from it are in rapid decline. The casualty to all this has been the American worker, which has seen wages, pensions and benefits drop to multidecade lows from the outsourcing of labor. A lot of this was done for economic and political reasons. But we literally burnt the furniture to have a party, and now all the furniture is gone. There's talk Bernacke could debase the dollar by 40% to get the debt under control. That's nearly a 50% "haircut" in living standards. 40K per capita income, down to 20K. We're going to witness America going from a first-world economy to a 2nd world, very soon.
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    Georgia passed tough laws on illegal immigrants and now they can't find enough people to pick their strawberry crops or dig up their onion crops.
  9. In many countries, the employer is more at fault at employing illegals than the illegal himself. Often at times, corporal punishment and jail time is administered to both parties.

    What I suggest is for employers, flogging and a sutiable jail term, for illegals, flogging and deportation. Repeat offenders will face no less than mandatory 30 years imprisonment.

    This will solve the problem.
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    That's corporate propaganda disseminated by farm operators who don't want to pay higher wages. So they run to the newspapers and say they can't get enough labor to pick the strawberrys.

    If they paid a decent wage (10-12 bucks an hour), those positions would get filled by Americans.

    The argument illegals do jobs Americans won't is total red herring.
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