Operation Khanjar

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  1. or "Strike of the Sword" is beginning in Afghanistan, with 4,000 newly arrived Marines + 650 Afghan forces into Taliban controlled villages in southern Afghanistan on Thursday in the first major operation under President Barack Obama's strategy to stabilize the country.


  2. Obama is a warmonger.
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  4. Yawn Lupus, operation khanjar is an obvious military dog and pony show in Obama's Vietnam. Obama sends some cannon fodder out and includes lawyers to prosecute any US military who fire their rifles, a few hundred Afghanis are rounded up and "volunteer" to tag along to create the illusion that they are actually assisting the US military, it fools Obama, some of the sycophant press and you, and probably not many others.
  5. This is Obama's new style.
    For this operation he is using all new troops. He pulls out troops who have been there over 3 tours. After 2 or 3 tours these troops know the villagers and the terrain and the enemy.
    Heil, Commander Obama
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    BO just wants those opium fields for his own personal stash.
  7. An update on Operation Khanjar . . .

    Its a right and just war, just as long the Democrats are in the white house and with Chickenhawks like Landis82 to cheer the war on.

    KABUL (AP) - Bombs and bullets killed seven American troops throughout Afghanistan Monday, officials said, as thousands of U.S. Marines continued with their massive anti-Taliban offensive in the south.

    A suicide car bomber also blew himself up outside the gate of the main NATO base in the region, killing two civilians and wounding 14 other people.

    In an effort to protect Afghans, American troops also recently received new guidelines limiting use of airstrikes in order to minimize civilian casualties that threaten local support of foreign forces' presence.

    The seven American deaths came as thousands of U.S. Marines continued with their major offensive against the Taliban in Helmand province, a southern militant stronghold and hub of the vast Afghan drugs trade. It is the biggest U.S. military operation since the ouster of the Taliban from power in 2001.

    Four U.S. soldiers died when their vehicles struck a roadside bomb in Kunduz province in the north, said Navy Chief Petty Officer Brian Naranjo, a U.S. military spokesman. The dead were training Afghan forces, Naranjo said.

    In the south, meanwhile, another explosion killed two more American troops, Naranjo said, without providing details of the exact location of the blast.

    Another American soldier died of wounds sustained during a firefight Monday with militants in the east of the country, a U.S. military spokesman said, without providing other details.

    The Taliban have made a violent comeback in the last three years following their ouster from power in the U.S.-led invasion in 2001. The militants now have effective control of large chunks of the volatile south and east of the country, undermining Afghanistan's government.

    Some 500 Marines out of the group of 4,000 participating in the Helmand offensive have moved into the province's Khan Neshin area, a Marine statement said Monday.

    "This is the first time coalition forces have had a sustained presence so far south in the Helmand River valley. Khan Neshin had been a Taliban stronghold for several years before Afghan and coalition forces arrived and began discussions with local leaders several days ago," it said.

    In the southern province of Kandahar, meanwhile, a suicide car bomber blew himself up outside the outer gate of the main NATO base in the region, killing two civilians and wounding 14 other people.

    Those wounded near the gates of Kandahar Airfield included 12 civilians and two Afghan soldiers, said Gen. Sher Mohammad Zazai, the top military commander for southern Afghanistan.

    A NATO helicopter, meanwhile, made an emergency landing in the southern Zabul province, a spokesman for the military alliance said. There were casualties among those onboard but Lt. Commander Chris Hall did not have further details.

    The incident was not caused by insurgent fire, Hall said.
  8. I know that this may seem VERY difficult for your "pea-brain" to grasp, but IRAQ had nothing to do with 9/11 and Saddam was simply bluffing about WMD in order to keep the Iranians off his back, as indicated by classified FBI files from 2004 that were recently released. In fact, Saddam even considered asking Bush "to protect" Iraq from its neighbor.


    Meanwhile, Pakistan does have the bomb.

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  9. Nothing in my post about Iraq Lupus. You say I look stupid but yet you are the one (foolishly) ranting about Iraq and Bush, and oh Pakistan has the bomb (no shit?) The term the liberals you look up to and admire so much, used frequently during the Bush Admin fits you and your post well: Chickenhawk. Too easy . . . :D
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    They are really taking it to them. We should have been focused here from the start. In the wasted time we left them alone, they have been trained by sympathetic Pakis and are much tougher now. Godspeed. Al Qaeda leadership may be squeezed, Pakistan is finally hurting them. Its been so damn long since 9/11. Hopefully they drag these bastards out and hang them in NY. Either way an excellent reversal of a neo con failure.
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