Operating with volatility

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  1. It is clear. You have to put a stop.
  2. what is a stop?

    I don't...but I scalp and my long term trade is maybe 20 min

    you have to know what you are doing.....

    volatility has actually reduced in the last ten years at least in forex...
  3. the market is difficult with tweets
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    Yes, use a stop expecially when the markets become sensitive to news events (e.g. tariffs) and if price then retraces back...you can always re-enter the trade.

  5. that comment shows you have just started trading....

    the market will move because it wants to move; not because of tweets or sweets.
  6. Now I understand why you always lose
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    Stocks that saw bullish tweets such as ‘buy!’ experienced, on average, higher abnormal returns. Meanwhile, the correlation is even stronger for influential Twitter users who are frequently retweeted and often mentioned - while the number of tweets about a particular stock could predict trading volumes, volatility and follow-up return on a stock.

    There are algo's via "alternative HFT" trading firms out there today that uses social media to make its trade decisions.

  8. no you dont

    and I do not always lose.....

    and this forum does not require that you be profitable so why are you getting personal?

    90% of traders lose and you mean they do not use stops?

    stops do not save you from blowing your account

    only delay it and why would you want to delay knowing your strategy is shit?
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  9. I was talking about Trump's tweets

    companies which do not exist or have closed down get abnormal returns.

    you can always find those examples
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    My bad...I didn't realize you were talking about Trump's tweets.


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