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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by soler, Oct 13, 2002.

  1. soler


    I use metastock pro 7.2. & windows 98. my friend uses ms pro 7.2 but windows 2000 operating sytem.

    when I send him an attachment of a chart (not smartchart) he saves it to a folder. He is not able to open the chart however & gets an error message... "data not accessible."

    do you think this is because of different operating systems? is there a way to correct this so that we can both view eachothers charts?

  2. gnome


    Just a hunch. I'm a little surprised about your problem. Have the receiver of the file try using the downloader's "copy" function on the transferred chart file first before opening it.
  3. BCE


    I'd would just contact MetaStock. They'll know.
    By the way, I just installed Windows XP Pro on a new 120 Gb hard drive and am resolving compatibiliy issues too. But so far it's been a lot less of a hassle than I had imagined. :)