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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Roscoe, May 3, 2004.

  1. Roscoe


    Any thoughts out there on viable OS's from a reliability standpoint?

    I'm running Win XP Pro with all the crap turned off and it still manages to screw up the memory management so that it needs a reboot at least once a day.

    Other contenders: Linux or Mac OSX, both with some kind of emulation to allow my windoze software to run. The Mac hardware has an excellent reutation for uptime/reliability. I really wish there was some standard so that software could be truly cross platform.

  2. What's your setup? That should not be happening.
  3. Mac OS X is nearly bulletproof these days. You will find limited trading software, but no viruses, spyware or crashes.

    If you can work with the available software, its the way to go IMO.

    Virtual PC, the PC emulator is very usable on a fast dual G4 but does not yet work on the dual G5.
  4. gnome


    Sounds like a software problem. Check your Task Manager/Processes and see if you can isolate the culprit.
  5. My system has been up for over 11 days - no problems, and I stress it much more than an average trader, so you may want to check what the problem is with your setup.

    Why exactly does it need to be restarted? How is it acting up?
  6. ethos


    Just don't accept any ActiveX crap from the internet and be careful installing unknown soft.

    My Win XP runs for weeks and sometimes months without problems. The only reason I reboot it is to install Windows security updates.
  7. Roscoe


    Athalon +1800, 512MB RAM, ASUS mobo, Matrox digital video card. I'm no techie, but there seem to a few processes that stay running when they shouldn't - for example I have to drop the NTVDM process manually sometimes after I close TradeStation 4. XP has been tweaked in line with the suggestions on www.blackviper.com (conservative settings). The only things in the system tray are ZoneAlarm, AVG, SpamPal and Proxomitron. Software is essentially M$ Office Pro plus my trading apps, no monster games, etc, Virus and spyware scanned twice weekly.

    I can live with it as it stands, but I would like to be able to forget about maintaining the machine and just get on with using it, hence the look at going to a Mac G5 or something and running an emulator for the trading software. Anyone tried this?

  8. That reboot issue definitely sounds like a software problem. I tax my WinXP Pro very heavily and I don't have any issues. I am a tech and I have my systems tweaked and have not powered them down for over three months now except for updates and software installs. That includes my multiprocessor units as well as some of my wireless portable setups. :)
  9. Roscoe


    Would you consider sharing your tweaks or directing me about what is useful and what is not? I have all the usual suspects disabled: Messenger, Remote anything, Restore, etc, etc. TIA!

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